Friday, 17 October 2014

Makeup Revolution | Atomic Lipstick Collection

There are five new lipstick shades in the new ATOMIC LIPSTICK* collection from Makeup Revolution and all are pretty dramatic shades. Aside from the red, they are definately for the more daring lipstick wearer. The textures of these is similar to those I have tried from Makeup Revoltion before : semi-sheer with a reasonable amount of wear, they have a slight glossy finish.
The five Atomic shades: Ruby, Serpent, Make it Right, Make it Tonight & Make Me  Magnificent. I have swatched them all below and go them on my lips so you can see the true-ish tones of these lip smackers. My personal favourite is probably Atomic Ruby or Make Me Magnificent.

So, a good way for the not-so-brave to try out those colours you may *think* you will never wear. Rather than splashing out £17 or thereabouts on something like Illamasqua's Apocalips shade, you can get this whole bunch of experimental shades for just £5 ; That's right,these are just £1 /each! It's really nice to see these more unusual shades now available more readily (and cheaply) as opposed to 4 years ago - when it was really only the very niche brands or makeup artist specialist brands where you could get these types of shades.

Are these something you would like to try out or a no-no for you? Join me in the alternative lip colour revolution!

These are available online now.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

September Favourites. (Maybe august too...)

Wow, I need to become more blog organised (note to self) : I wish I could have more structure & religion to this blog and get certain posts out once a week/month, but it just NEVER happens. This is one kind of post I would love to get out of the start of each month and I am gonna to realllllly try from hereon forth! The good old 'FAVOURITES' post : A round up of beauty, makeup, hair, lifestlye products that I have been using a lot, some may be products I've had years and some are new. As I haven't done a beauty favourites post for a while this is probably spanning back for last month and the one before, hence the huge selection.
 It's as always a big mix of high end to budget makeup for me. A mention to Makeup Revolution as this is a brand I have recently been introduced to and it's really impressing me and I'm not easily sold on budget  makeup brands.
YSL Touche eclat foundation  I purchased this a couple of months ago and I am absolutely loving it right now. One of the best foundations I have used in ages and it's my 100% go to for perfect looking skin. I think this could be THE wedding day foundation.

GOSH giant cream blusher* I received this at a press day and used in in a LFW-inspired makeup look recently, and I haven't stopped using it since. Beautiful colour & texture. looks super fresh for everyday makeup. A touch of YSL foundation and a dab of this gives natural glowing makeup. So quick and easy to apply. This shade I am using is called 'Pink Parfait'.

Bareminerals foundation primer I have had this for years and had kind of forgotten about it and not bothered with it much. Then I was having the makeup chat with another makeup artist and she absolutely raved about this. I scuttled home, dug it up and started using it again over the summer and I am addicted. It smoothes my skin and refines pores without that overly-siliconey feel which I hate in my primers.

Dior Lip Glow This has nearly run out and has had a good innings. It's a hybrid between a lip balm and a colour and leaves my lips really glossy, plump and hydrated. It develops a natural colour on your lips so works on everyone.

Makeup Revolution Pure Pigment 'Agonise'* This is a fantastic dupe for the MAC pigments which are about 300x the price. Ok I've just checked the price to see and actually I am completely blown away - these are just £1. For that price, they are utterly flawless and you must try them NOW. I have a few more of the golden shades and all of them pack a beautiful 3D punch of colour and I'm floored by the pricetag. Lots of reviews coming from this fab new budget makeup brand. Check out the other 24 shades of the Pure Pigments here.

Body Shop eyeshadows* In shades 'Coco Deluxe' and 'Champagne Kiss' The textures are beautiful and the powder is easy to blend and move on the eye. These two colours compliment each other perfectly and are the winners for blue and green eyes.

Makeup Revolution longwear eye pencils* These, again are another product from this brand that has left me slightly speechless. These are soft, creamy and they do not budge. Full review here.

Urban Decay  Naked Skin finishing powder A powder for setting makeup that doesn't look or feel like your typical powder. No cakey feel or finish and leaves an HD flawless finish. In the summer, my bases are always lighter and this powder complimented my more natural look perfectly.

Amazing concealer* A super-concentrated concealer for face and under eyes. Full review here.
Vichy Idealia eye cream* A great new eye cream I have discovered. Full review here.

Pur Get bright Brightening serum* I have only used this for the last couple of weeks but I have noticed a positive change in my skin and this is sticking in my routine for the time. All about evening out the skin tone and texture with it's powerhouse of brightening extracts including Vitamin C.

La Roche Posay Effaclar duo I had been invited to the launch of this but was unable to go. Once I started reading other bloggers' reviews I was sold, so I went a purchased this in this high street beauty haul. I have been using it over the whole summer and it is great for my combination, slightly congested skin. I use this as my day cream after serum.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser I use this as my AM shower face wash. Absolutely love it, I bought this a while back but was biding my time to finish up some other cleansers. Quite pricey but I think absolutely worth it for combination/oily skin.

Aurelia Miracle Cleaner* Unreal. First Love. My favourite. Full Review here.

EOS lipbalm I remember this little egg-shaped lipbalms when they sold them many years ago in Space NK. I've seen them popping up all over the place and picked up a couple in Urban Outfitters over the summer. They are so cute to look at and I love using them. The actual balm is great too ; made from organic ingredients and hydrates the lips without greasiness which I can't stand. LOVE the mint flavour.

Garnier Micellar Water A hugley hyped up product since it launched. It lives up to the hype and I've NEVER used a micellar water THIS good for THAT price. The best on the high street. Full review within my micellar water feature.
BLEACH LONDON Reincarnation mask This summer I bleached  my hair, and then I went pink, and then I went peach...and this carried on for months. (I am now in a blonde, black-rooted hybrid mess right now)

Due to this I spent an absolute FORTUNE on hair masks (you would cry at the amount i spent on one underwhelming mask), I have 7 new ones I have purchased from Aussie 3-minute miracle through to eye-wateringly expensive ones. The BLEACH London mask was reccommened to me by Big Fashionista through Twitter. I went and got it, and it's really, very good. Super nourishing and softening to my now-brittle, parched hair. One of the best I have discovered. I will be doing a full feature on my hair mask woes and you can have a look at all the other ones I have tried.

KIKO hand balm* My cuticles are always cracked and I bite them unknowingly through anxiety so they get so sore and awful. I use a combination of cutical oil (Jessica Phenomenon) and this KIKO hand cream. I try and keep it either in my handbag or bedside so I can constantly slather it on to soothe my hands. This will be a winter must-have for me.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino This was a strong summer fragrance for me and my Ibiza scent! One of my favourite all time fragrances. NOT going to be my wedding one though as I have got something new for that. Way expensive but a luxury to have.

Aromatherapy Associates 'Inner Strength' Bath & Shower Oil It's no secret I am an AA addict and I have I think EVERY single one of these amazingly aromatic bath oils. This is the newest one from them, over a year old still, but it's the bath oil to turn to in the evening, when you are feeling abit emotionally damaged and drained. The essential oils of Clary Sage, Frankincense, Cardamom, Vetivert & Geranium help to restore calm and positivity. I add a capful into my bath along with a couple of candles in the bathroom and I am peaceful 7th heaven. IT WORKS.

Good Things Manuka Honey scrub* I used this a lot pre-Ibiza and after to maintain the tan. Recently I have been using this once/twice a week to keep my skin nice and smooth - it really makes a difference!! It smells edible and is also a really natural, chemical-free scrub too. After scrubbing in the shower I follow with a nice hydrating oil or cream to leave my skin hydrated and lovely.

Phew, and breathe. A hefty round-up of beauty things from me. Any of your products here? Maybe somethings you didn't love as much as me? Have you any must-have new finds that you can share?

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Debagging , depuffing & Brightening : Vichy Idealia Eyes.

 I struggle a little with eye creams, I always have something on the go in my bathroom, but never really fall in love with anything I use, get bored with using or barely see any difference when I do. This little pink tube has grabbed my attention recently and although I have only been using it around a month, I wanted to share with you as I think it's pretty damn special.I introduce the Vichy Idealia Eyes*...
First up the applicator/wand thing. It is a soft silicone spatula looking thing. It has a small hole in the middle through which the product is dispensed once you give the tube a gentle squeeze and then you massage and blend it with the applicator as opposed to fingertips. I really like this idea, of not having to use finger, and especially that you aren't dipping fingers into tubs which just doesn't seem overly hygenic over a long period of time. This applicator makes it quick and fuss-free. I have seen this type of applicator on another product (there may be more):the Shu Uemura eye serum which I use in my kit.

I have been using this for nearly a month now, and whilst I cannot say it's reduced all my lines and makes me look 10years younger (I don't have any lines around my eyes yet..), what I can see it makes me feel instantly more fresh & lively in the AM with it's lovely cool feel and it has made me dark circles brighter over the last few weeks. I occassionly wake up a bit puffy and this cream has been quick to reduce puffiness, thanks to the caffeine in it. It's also good for the more sensitive too as it is hypoallergenic, non comedogenic, paraben free and infused with the signature Vichy thermal water which is super soothing and anti-inflammatory.

 This also is a really good base for makeup/concealer and it sits well under anything I have tried over it (Benefit Fake UP, EL doublewear concealer, Amazing concealer, Benefit Boi-ing, Kevyn Aucoin SSE, Dermablend, Laura Mercier Secret concealer) and has a lovely light texture. This eye cream has instant optical illuminators so you see that instant glow. I may have to get one of these for my kit too.

It is targeted towards though for the first signs of ageing ; I'm a little beyond that as that's around the 25yrs mark. However they tell me this eye cream good for those who like to 'Live life to the full yet don't like to show it..' = perfect! I think for me, and any of you who may be similar to me, this is all about brightening and awakening the dull eye are. For people with already lines/wrinkles then you would need to go a step up from this.

The Vichy Idealia Eyes costs just £23 for 15ml which is the standard eye cream size. Bear in mind I switched this for my tub of £90 eye cream and I see no difference between the two except I MUCH prefer this applicator. Have you tried this yet? Any must-have eye creams I need to know about?

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Models Own new launch | DISCO PANTS.

I had an excited reaction from nail fans when I posted a selection of these new nail varnish shaded on my Instagram last week. DISCO PANTS* is the latest launch from Models Own and it brings us five vibrant metallic shades inspired by the infamous New york nightclubs : Sound Factory, Paradise Garage, Studio 54, Copacabana and Roxy. Think disco balls, afros, metallic makeup, cocktail sipping to 80's/90's tunes and lots of colour.

The finishes of these polishes are high-shine metallic, with some shot through with more shimmer and others simply perfectly pearlescent. I have three of the shades and I like them all in their own ways, but have chosen to wear the green shade (Paradise Garage) as I literally have nothing quite like this amongst my hundreds of nail polishes. These shades are perfect coming up to Christmas and for any parties or events that require a bit of glitz and glam. 

The DISCO PANTS collection from Models Own launches on their website on the 17th October and then in Superdrug stores nationwide on the 22nd October. Priced at £4.99 /each.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

October Birchbox | What's Inside.

A bit late on this one oops,but kind of planning a wedding at the moment! However, I thought I would share this with you as I really love this month's Birchbox offerings and the important collaboration
 October : This month happens to probably be the most busy/stressful that I may ever have. Aside from things that have happened recently, it's my birthday next week, my late mum's birthday the week after which will be very hard, and then my wedding! I have so much going on I feel close to imploding but I know everything will be ok once this month is over. Kind of apt that the theme of this month's Birchbox is all about focusing your WORK/LIFE balance with a 14-day planner to kickstart your journey of getting sh*t done and re-motivating yourself in numerous ways.

Of course, everything is very pink-themed as October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month so Birchbox have also collaborated with 'COPPAFEEL' which is promoting ladies to check their breasts to spot any early signs of cancer. Remember the earlier you find anything, the more likely your treatment will be successful and this is a fact.

(further info/ how to on their website linked above)

Inside this month's Birchbox:

KMS California | Free Shape Hot Flex creme. This is a styling cream to reduce frizz and smooth the hair. now this is something I probably personally won't use but fortuntaly this is my fiance's favourite hair styling range and it has been swooped up pretty swiftly by him, and I can safely say he loves it.

Shaveworks | The Cool fix. This is a gel I am familair with and actually have already! Girls may think it is solely for men as it is a cooling after shave gel but it is also a fab treatment for ingrown hairs and bumps. Great for girls to use with any of the above problems, and can be used after waxing to prevent further ingrown hairs.

PIXI by Petra | Shea Lip balm. This is a really cute tinted lipbalm which I have dozens of at the moment. Perfect for dry winter lips and added a touch of glam on the go.

Balance Me | Cleanse & Smooth Face balm. I used this natural cleansing balm a good few years ago but didn't get on with it that well. I am a huge fan of the Balnce Me skincare range though so will give this another try...I also believe they have re-formulated it so I will keep you posted if I find it better.

Meaningful Beauty | Glowing Serum. A brand, the only one actually, I have never heard of in this month's beauty box. On further investigation, it is a range created by Cindy Crawford with the help of Dr.Sebagh..HELLO! Can't wait to give this a go. I am amongst a bit of a skincare routine at the moment so will give this a try post-wedding....just in case! 

I cannot dismiss the cute Birchbox lipstick pen, which has been thrown in there to help conquer your to-do list. i have pens and lists all over tyhe place. Lists are my life, this month they will be refined, honoured and conquered!

Please visit the Birchbox website to find out more info how you can sign up to receive this brilliant boxes once a month. They also are fast-becoming my favourite online beauty shopping destination. I thought they just sold boxes, but they do SO many different brands : like hundreds, including Benefit, O.P.I, Eyeko, Bioderma, Korres, Nude, Weleda and hundreds more!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Makeup Revolution | All Day & Night Eyeliner | Giveaway

One of the newest launches from budget wunderbrand Makeup Revolution is the 'All Day & Night'* eyeliners. 6 intensely pigmented shades which promise to be longwear and smudgeproof. When I read about these and initially tried them I straight away thought of the NARS longwear eyeliners ; something about the packaging but more the actual shades that they do and also the textures.
These eyeliners are super, super soft and creamy to apply, they literally glide onto the skin really easily (no dragging) and pack a good punch of pigment. Initially you can smudge and smoke out the eyeliner if you are quick (same as the NARS) , but after maybe around 30 seconds, the formula is dry and you are left with a great longwear eyeliner , that isn't budging ANYWHERE.

I always swatch new eyeliner shades on the back of my hand to see all the colours clearly, then I will leave on for as long as possible to see how they actually really wear. I can report that these stayed on the back of my hand all day, including a gym visit and stayed put until I had to wash them off with soap & water before I went to bed. Are they Longwear & smudgeproof? TICK.

After swatching playing, applying them on my eyes , ready for this review, I started wondered about sharpening (you will need to sharpen quite frequently because they are so soft). They have a plastic-looking nib/tip area as opposed to wood or anything I can sharpen, so I assume they are twist up.....No, it seems not. After a bit asking around, it appears they ARE sharpen-pencils. *goes off to try*..... 2 minutes later : Yes they are. Ok me being silly, but they do look like plastic tips when they are new right? (see below) so maybe I wasn't being such a dumb beauty blogger, but either way they sharpen perfectly.
I have used 3 of the Makeup Rev longwear pencils here in the look below to create a bronze coppery eye : 'Channeling my inner' , 'The Last Laugh' and 'One Sin Too Many'. Along with the new KIKO liquid eyeliner to get that sharp feline flick. These are my three favourite shades I think and I absolutely love the black, it's so dark and really easy to apply in the waterline with no difficulty.
 [ Full product list : FACE: YSL Touche Eclat foundation, Estee Lauder doublewear  concealer, Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate, GOSH giant cream blusher. EYES: Eylure brow pencil, Eyeko brow gel, Makeup REV liquid eye primer, Makeup REV eyeshadows in 'Cappuccino' and 'I Want You', KIKO liquid eyeliner, Makeup REV longwear eyeliner in 'Channeling My Inner', 'The Last Laugh' & 'One Sin Too Many', False lashes are Flexibands 'Pacific', LIPS: L'Oreal lipgloss 'Nude Vibrato' ]

Aside from these being just £1.99 EACH as opposed to the NARS £19 ones ,I can hand on my heart say these are AS GOOD, perhaps better (sorry NARS) : I have both and have used both. Plus, the NARS ones are really hard to sharpen - if you have them you know & feel my pain. I would say these are up there with the By Terry waterproof kohl liners which I also use really often, and that's a bold claim, but I truly believe this. You can buy the full set of these 6 liners for half the price of one By Terry eyeliner. WOW. Try 'em. NOW.(Or keep reading..)

I have a full brand-new set of these longwear pencils to give away to a lucky reader. Just drop me a comment below with your contact details before THIS WEDNESDAY 1st OCTOBER 11.59pm to be in with a chance to win all 6 pencils. Winner will be announced Thursday 2nd October. UK only. For an Extra entry then follow & Tweet me @LauraLouMakeup :

'WIN the full set of *NEW* longwear pencils from Makeup Revolution with @LauraLouMakeup enter here Closes 1st Oct.'

 Have you tried these yet or anything from Makeup Revolution? They have so many great products at dirt-cheap prices so have a look at their website and you will be in makeup bargain buying heaven. I would also recommend the Lipsticks, my absolute fav is 'Depraved' and they are just £1!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

New KIKO Collection | Daring Game

The latest launch from KIKO cosmetics is inspired by the gorgeous, quick-witted and super glamorous Bond girls. The 'Daring Game' collection* is described as a strong, sophisticated range that demands the attention of everyone in the room. *HELLO!* The packging is the main hint towards this inspiration as it's all casino-inspired reflecting roulette, card decks and dice.

As always with KIKO, the collection is very substantial with a huge selection of limited edition products including bronzers, blushers, a face brush, eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses and nail colours. I have a handful of these new products so will show you the bits I have been using the most.

All-In Eye Marker & Kajal:
This is a super-sized, double-ended eyeliner with one side being a typical felt-style black liquid liner, and the other is the old-school conical style black kajal eyeliner. You can gain perfect precision using the liquid liner, and it's super black which I love. The kajal-end is very soft and good for creating an easy and quick smudgy smoky eye look - A bit easier to use if you are not overly confident with makeup appliation and perfecting that feline flick. [£9.90]

Mystery Smoky Eye Pencil:
Verrrrrrrry soft pencil eyeliner, so much so that you will use it up quite quickly I fear as I have had to sharpen it after every use. I have shade 17 which is a muted bronzey gold with a bit of shimmer. If you are familiar with the By Terry kohl eyeliners, this is a pretty spot-on dupe for the no.2 (Brown Stellar) which I also have. Due to the softness of this pencil they are easy to blend out and smudge with the angle brush on the end. [£6.90]

Ace of Diamond lipliner & lipstick:
These both come in 6 complimentary shades, and I the 34 'Active Fuschia' for both which I am wearing below. The lipliner is nice and creamy, enough so you could actually wear this all over the lips as a longwear colour. I layered this all over my lips and then topped over with the lipstick to give a more satin finish. I haven't work this kind of berry-esque fuschia pink for a while and I am loving it! A lipstick can make such a difference if you are feeling and looking a little drab : an instant good-mood catalyst. Lipliner [£5.90] Lipstick [£7.90]

Poker Nail Laquer:
I am obsessing slightly with the 06 Shade which is basically a black. I say basicaaly because when I first wore it I kept thinking it had a slight tinge of blue/petrol colour through it. Maybe I am going crazy and losing my eyesight but whatevs, I love this colour and forgot how chic a brilliant glossy black can look on shorter nails. UPDATE: I'm not going mad, I just looked on the website and this 06 shade is called 'Slick Bluenoir' . The Poker Nail laquer comes in 6 shades.[£6.90]

What are we feeling about the KIKO Daring Game collection? They have way more products so go and check the rest out online. I am a huge fan of KIKO because of the price and quality are just brilliant. The quality of most of the products is up there (and often better!) than a lot of high end brands. I have so much of this makeup now and always pop into the shops when I am passing to pick up more bits. It's impossible not to get more as they have so many products to choose from - more than MAC / Illamasqua / any makeup/colour brand really.

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