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Saturday, 30 April 2016

New Makeup & Launches Sitting on My Beauty Desk.

 There are SO many new launches out there at the moment with it transisting into Spring/Summer and this last week I've had a some gorgeous makeup sent to me, and things I have purchased that I am giving the once-over. Spring makeup seems a little bit more lighter, dewy, fresher and pink and here is some of my key picks from what's sitting pon' my desk.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Skincare Discussion | Rosacea & Raising Awareness

April has been Rosacea Awareness Month and there has been various events, discussions and online articles highlighting this often-misunderstood skin condition. #ExperienceMyRosacea has been the hashtag used over social media where people have been invited to join discussions, gather information amd raise the awareness of the condition.

There is currently no UK charity for Rosacea which is suprising considering there is such huge support for other skin conditions including Exczema, Acne & Psorasis. I think one of the main problems with Rosacea is that the cause is still not fully understood so it can be diffucult to help and there is no definate cure. Outstanding considering 1 out of 10 of the population are thought to suffer from some from of Rosacea.


Thursday, 28 April 2016

Coming Soon | Bareminerals New Skincare.

Bareminerals is a brand probably known best for it's innovatove foundation formulas, the first mainstream mineral makeup brand and a huge line of great makeup & colour. I have tried a few of their skincare bits in the past, and it didn't impress me so much. It wasn't a dislike, just I wasn't 'wowed' by it and nothing really stood out. I think this is all about to change. Bareminerals have spent a long time researching, reformulating and creating a whole new line of skincare, and from my first impressions, I am very impressed.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Spring Scents | The Current Fragrance Shelfie.

I always like to update my fragrance edit and Spring is when I start picking up some of my more lighter and fresher scents, along with my trusty favored rich and musky perfumes. A bit about me and my fragrance preference ; I really don't like sweet or fruity fragrances of ANY description, never have & never will. I am all about interesting, unique scents that can be floral if they have a musky base somehwere, but my ultimate kind of scents has to be the ambers, musk, oud...and I have an obsession with orange, orange blossom, orange oil.....just orange. 

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Revlon Makeup Newness | Brushes & Spring/Summer 2016.

Last week I was invited along to have a look through the new Revlon Spring/Summer Makeup collection, including their brand new makeup brushes that have just launched into the shops. There is so many lovely things coming out , including new shades of the best-selling Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors, an updated foundation, lip laquers, polishes and more of our favourite things...

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Tanning Trends | The Best Fake Tans for Spring.

Let's talk about fake tan and some of the best gradual and natural tanners on the market at the moment. Spring is springing and sprung and I think with the glimpse of a bit of sunshine, we are all fast-forwarding our minds & bodies to the beach (is it me or is EVERYONE on the entire Facebook appears to be on holiday right now?)...I think I have spent more time online perusing holidays/Air bnb/Secret escapes than anything else this week. Top of the spring shopping list is pastel brights and clean white shades, and a pale complexion can sometimes look awash against this neutral tones, so indulge in a natural and easy fake tan.

I am not sure about you, but I am a real lazy beauty person, and I SO wish I had the time to keep up with my tanning in the winter months but I just don't....yet always moan about how pale I am. I don't think I have fake tanned for over a month now, but I'm bringing out the big guns to get that faux glow back with a vengeance! Fake Tans have advanced do much over the years and long gone are the streaky, stinky tango tans (although they definately still do exhist in Romford btw) and for any skintone it is much easier to get a custom colour that you are happy with from the paler skins to the deeper tones. There is A LOT of choice out there and tanning is easier and quicker than ever, not only that but the next generation of fake tans are often infused with active ingredients that improve the skin rather than just bronzing it. I want to introduce to you the next generation of fake tans..


Thursday, 21 April 2016

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection | Transforming Cream SPF30

La Prairie is world-renowned luxury swiss skincare brand that is famous for it's innovative skincare, colour and fragrance collections. They have some new additions to their Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Range (long name much?!) which I wanted to share with you.

Every one knows La Prairie, it's *that* brand that I would never even go near when I was a bit younger, those intimidating-looking fancy bottles and shiny silver serums appeared just too good for me (they probably were), so it was a brand that I just didn't go near until more recent years. I think people think it's just for older ladies because of the how renowned they are for anti-ageing technologies (and the price tags) yet if you have the budget and are serious about your skincare, then La Prairie is worth consideration for sure.
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