Monday, 30 March 2015

An Effortless Makeup Look: Red Lips n' Lashes.

It's been tricky working out what makeup is suiting my new pastel pink hair. As you may know if you have ever changed your hair colour, it can really change the products that you can wear on your face and I was quite suprised at how I couldn;t wear ALL of the lip colours like I had been when I was brown/blonde. I've finally worked out that a red lips work pretty well with this hair colour so this is a look that I have been wearing LOADS over the past few weeks. It's a classic look and an easy one to accomplish, just get the right red lip tone that works for you.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

New Launch | This Works ENERGY BANK

A lively leap into sunny spring (erm have you looked outside today British pals..) with this brand new collection from This Works. If you haven't heard of or tried This Works...erm where have you been?! It's a gorgeous aromatherapy-inspired range that is based around trouble-shooting and targeted skincare treatments that do really work and all smell addictive. I have used a handful of their products, including the best-selling and wonderful deep sleep pillow spray, which I can now confirm after only trying it last week, REALLY WORKS and I now cannot live without. Not only are they effective, but the products are luxurious, beautifully-packaged and natural.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Liz Earle | New Treatments with Celebrity facialist Abigail James

Exciting news for Liz Earle fans ; there is a brand new treatment room in the flagship store in Duke of York Sq, Sloane Street and heading up the new treatments is renowned celebrity facialist, Abigail James. Abigail has been working in the industry for over 10 years and believes in holistic inside-out beauty which is part of the Liz Earle brand ethos.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Makeup Crush Monday #15 | Delilah Future Resist foundation.

I had seen quite a bit of Delilah hype across social media over the last few months and have been really intrigued to see what all the fuss is about. It's a brand that is british-born and relatively new (last year I think it launched?) and it is targeted for all women of all ages. The packaging is pretty & luxurious-looking and it reminds me a little bit of Charlotte Tilbury by ways of look and choice of colour; It's not overwhelming, yet has all the must-haves, basics & staple shades.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

International Spring Giveaway.

It is officially here. March 20th saw us officially into the season of Spring and it is one of my favourite seasons : Easter bunnies, crisp sunny mornings and the premise that summer fun is not too distant in the future. I wanted to have a giveaway to welcome it into our calenders : A few products that I hope will give you a fresh start, a clear mind and a new regime maybe ; a nice mixture of bath / body / makeup / nails & hair & over £200 worth of beauty products up for grabs. For the first time, I'm doing a multiple giveaway, with the different THREE prize bundles as listed below. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Makeup Revolution | I Love Obsession palettes

These are new-ish from Makeup Revolution, and there are 5 colourways in total. The 'I love Obsession' palettes each contain x 10 complimentary colours with a good mix of matte vs metallic shades.  I like the see-through window's on these palettes so you can see the shades without having to open up the palette. As always, I don't bother with the sponge applicator that come in the palette, I just use a couple of my normal eye brushes as they will just make the colours blend better and you will get a better application. Out of the 5 palettes from this range, my ultimate favourite is this, the PURE CULT palette, and a dupe of a very popular eyeshadow palette you may notice...

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Simple Skincare | Classic & Affordable skincare.

We've all used the face wipes and I think I'm not alone in saying that Simple was the first skincare brand that I used as a regime. I have a deep-rooted love for this lovely and 'easy' high street skincare range and still find myself using bits and bobs from them all the time. Who DOESN'T have one thing from them in their house?! These are my current favourite bits from Simple skincare and a few of them are new-ish (I think?!) so I wanted to share with you.