Thursday, 24 April 2014

Lip favourites : The Corals.

I'm doing a series on my favourite lip colours and products and kicking this one off with my favourite shade : CORAL. There are so many beautiful shades at your fingertips, it's just choosing that right tone, texture and finish for you.

I've whittled my top picks down to 8 lip shades plus 2 lip liners. Liners are optional and to be honest I usually will not bother with lipliner then lipstick, I often only use lipliners as all-over matte lip colours or as a lip base before lippie, but it's simply preference of how you like to apply. I've selected these 8 so there is a nice variance on price, colour and finish so there should be something for everyone.
  Rimmel 660 'In Love with Ginger'. Budget

A great colour if you are looking at the picture of me above thinking 'GOD DAYAAAM that's bright, I could never wear that....' This is quite a sheer pigmented formula for a lipstick so doesn't give you shocking, look-at-me lips, which not everyone wants. Rimmel is a great price and accessible for all and these formulas are nice,hydrating and creamy.
L'Oreal 204 'Tangerine Sonate'. Gloss lovers.
If you aren't a lipstick wearer, I wasn't until about 4 years ago...then opt for a coral gloss instead, you get the hint of colour, plump looking lips and a more subtle finish. I'm a big fan of these new gloss colours from L'Oreal - a half-way house between a gloss and a lipstick and absolutely no stickyness at all. Yay!
Urban Decay 'Bang'. Luxe colour. 
These lipstick formulas are super buttery, loaded with pigment and this colour is pretty special. This is probably the best 'all-rounder' out of my picks. Doesn't dry the lips, yet stays on, beautiful shade of bright orange/red, and one swatch will drench the lips in colour.
MUA Power Pout 'Runway'.For your first time.
This is a really soft coral/ red and is great for those wanting to take a dip into this colourway pool. Purse-friendly, multi-use and also great for drier lips as it's very nourishing. I like this when I want a natural daytime lip & it looks great on the cheeks too (just stripe and blend, stripe and blend).
NARS Velvet matte lip pencil 'Red Square'. My first love. 
This was my first proper coral shade and have worn this for many, many years. The texture and wear of the velvet matte lip pencils are incomparible and second-to-none. I think I'm about 2 shades off from having the whole velvet matte rang: They are so easy to apply, no lipliner ever needed and they stay on for hours & hours.
Kevyn Aucoin 'Timeless'.
 This is a slightly different tone of orange / coral to the others, and I cannot quite put my finger on why..more towards a proper orange tone rather than red and slightly muted. A really great formula of lipstick, these stay on as well as the NARS velvet mattes yet feel a little more nourishing. A little bit more of an extravagant purchase at £26 but really good quality I think I have the whole range of these lippies in my kit.
MAC prolongwear 'Good to Go'. My no.1 
This is so bright it's almost neon in tone and this is probably my favourite coral/red that I own. The first lipstick EVER that I have actually finished (or thereabouts - photos shown are with the bullet rolled all the way up) and that speaks volumes. Could this be my first ever re-purchase of a lipstick in my entire life?! This is super shocking bright, loaded with pigment and one swipe gives full coverage and colour. These also stay on like a day, so you don't need to bother with checking it or worrying that it's been eaten along with your lunch. 10/10.
MAC Lipmix 'Orange'. Makeup Artist must-have. 
These are really great little tubes of pigment and the 'Orange' shade is a bright, bright orange. Worn on it's own, it's a showstopping colour but this can be mixed with a balm or another colour to soften it if you wish. If you want the purest, mattest orange there is, then this is for you. Only available in the MAC pro stores.
 Urban Decay 'Bang' lipliner. 
One of the creamiest, most beautiful-textured lipliners I have tried. These give an unbelievable colour-payoff and this one is an exact match for the UD 'Bang' lipstick, or just wear this as a super matte lip colour on it's own.
Barry M kohl pencil 24. 
 I believe this is an eyeliner rather than a lipliner, weird colour for the eyes, but either way it's a great lipliner and I have had this for a couple of years. Nowhere near as soft as the UD lip pencil but a lovely bright orange shade of lipliner.
In all the narcissistic photos of me in this post I am wearing BANG lipliner, MAC Good to Go with a touch of MAC Lipmix Orange. Remember to prep your lips if you are prone to flakiness otherwise the colour will just not sit right. Click here to see my recent post on my favourite lip treatments and balms. Coming also in the Lip series : Pinks / Reds / Nudes and Neons. So keep your eyes peeled if you love a lippie!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lip saviours.

Now that (dare I say it) Spring/Summer is officially here, the lips tend to see a lot more brighter and bolder colours. However before you put on your brightest lippes, make sure your lips are nourished, flake-free and kissable!
If I am on set and I am prepping a model for a bold lip, I will always give them a lip scrub prior to lip balm to make sure they are really perfect and soft. Benefit Lipscription. (now discontinuted I think) has been one of my favourites for years. Although I also hear Lush do a great lip scrub which is a decent price too. I think I'll be trying that one out once I have squeezed the last bit of my Benefit scrub out. After you have sloughed off all the dead skin, then your lips will need a good bit of hydration to soothe and plump.

I am a lip balm junkie, I have probably aorund 10 scattered all over the place that I am always using : in the bathroom, in the lounge, in my handbags, next to my bed etc - there is always one within reaching distance as if I'm not constantly re-applying, my lips gets really dry and peely.

Nuxe Reve de Miel: Bedside staple. 
I am on maybe my third pot of this now and each one seems to last like a year, I use this as my bedtime treat as it's loaded with oils, honey and is super nourishing. This is an absolute winter necessity for me. Pssss this is 20% off on at M&S currently (not sure how long this offer will continue) so just £7.60!
Lucas PaPaw: A makeup artist must-have. 
This was introduced to me many years ago at makeup school by David Horne, and have always had a tube on the go ever since. Always in my makeup kit, it's completely natural and hydrates the lips whilst leaving a slight sheen/gloss on the lips. Models love this. This huge tube lasts and lasts and lasts! Great value for money, and now available at various places in the UK. Back when I was a newbie makeup artist this wasn't available in the UK so you had to get your Australian pals to bring you a bunch of tubes back from their travels.
 Estee Lauder Aerin Rose My  handbag favourite
Easy to slick on in this small squeezy tube, has a luxe feel and a teeny pink tinge of colour, so like a tinted lipbalm or a skincare-based gloss. I was introduced to this by makeup supremo Charlotte Tilbury and team and have had it ever since. 
Lanolips New favourite!  
I picked up this tube in Waitrose when I was back home at Christmas and it could be my favourite lip balm ever. A wonderful multi-use balm that feels so, so nourishing on dry/chapped lips and is a really rich and thick texture. I like this personally as it has no residue or greasiness post-use. Have just bought another 2 because of my love for this - one extra for me and one for my kit. 

Dr Lipp:The Original lanolin balm. 
This one, similar to Lanolips is made from organic, high-grade Lanolin and is really effective for dry and chapped lips. It has a slightly greasier texture than Lanolips but leaves a nice sheen on the lips, nothing like a vaseline finish, it's still very thick in texture. This is the ONLY lip balm that hydrated my lips effectively when I was on Roaccutane.
By Terry Baume de Rose: The cult lip balm. 
An infamous lip balm, and is a must-have for any beauty-junkie. A slightly expensive crush at £38 a pot, but this simply has the most beautiful finish of any lip balm I have used. It has a soft, soft pinkish white hue, that leaves lips looking perfect. When I wear this, people always ask what lip colour I am wearing. HOWEVER, if your lips are really, very dry and chapped, this is not the best balm for you! Go for one of the lanolin-based ones, this is , for me, bordering on a makeup product / skincare. Also, one of the best presents you can buy any girl.
So that is a round up of my favourite lip saviours and treats. I think it's a lot to do with personal taste and how you want it to look on the lips - sheeny or more matte, if you like a tint of colour and obviously how chapped your lips are.
 What are your tried and tested favourite lip balms? Any here that you have tried?

Friday, 18 April 2014

April Birchbox & Reader offer!

This month's beauty box from Birchbox* see's a 'Good Enough To Eat' theme which showcases lots of beauty goodies inspired by foodie elements and smells one way or another:

TheBalm cosmetics cheek and lip cream. This is a really nicely packaged lip and cheek colour and the shade is 'How Bout them apples?' ....what a mouthful. Clearly a makeup brand with a quirky sense of humour as the name and packaging suggests and the colour is really beautiful. Reminds me of something Benefit would bring out?! Easy to blend and a nice multi-use product. First time I've seen or used this brand.

Lord & Berry kajal eyeliner. I keep seeing this brand I *think* in Sally's beauty shops? Never tried until now so getting this weeny one is really good. Really beautiful and soft and has ridiculous payoff. No problem in getting the inner rims of the eyes blacker than black. The full-size pencil is just £10 and just from trying out this min-version I would defeinately consider buying it.

Color Club - Nail polish. Candy inspired colours which are pearlescent pastel shades, ideal for spring. I'm not a huge fanof pearlescent polishes but I did try this shade (Aquamarine Azulino) on and it's actually a lot nice than I expected. Would also look lovely on tanned feet.
Yes to Cucumbers - facial wipes. These couldn't come at a better time, my box arrived the day before my long weekend away so these went straight into my suitcase. A perfect size pack for a week away. I am already a fan of these, not to replace your cleanser, but just to give a quick freshen and mini-cleanse or for when all that eye makeup just doesnt come off from the night before - super soothing for an AM mask. Oil-free and packed with organic cucumber, aloe and green tea to soothe and brighten.

Laura Mercier - Ambre Vanilla body soufflĂ©. This is my favourite scent of all of the delicious Laura Mercier bath & body range... Ambre Vanilla. Yummmmm. Not overly sweet like some of them can be (not for me) but this has a perfect balance of sweet and musk, therefore not awfully overpowering. Super hydrating and one of the best beauty gifts money can buy!

Propercorn - Sweet coconut & vanilla. A sweet new guilt-free flavour from Propercorn, a strangely tasty combination too & I like to have something to graze on whilst I explore and open my Birchbox.

Beauty boxes are great for when you [A] like a suprise parcel / bday present style EVERY month [B] like trying new/ unique and some kitsch/lesser-known brands [C] like to sample before you buy your skincare /bodycare / fragrance and makeup. I think Birchbox always have a really nice and generous selection of products and 'future favourites'. There is always a good few bits that I've never heard of or used before, which for a beauty junkie like myself, is quite impressive! It's not just full of smaller, lesser well known brands either, the big boys are in there too from Dr.Brandt, Laura Mercier, Stila and Benefit! Something, I think, for all tastes and preferences.

I have collaborated with Birchbox to give all my readers a special offer when you sign up for a Birchbox - even if you just want to try it out for a one off 1-month, there are lots of different options, obviously if you sign up for 6 months to a year, it ends up cheaper, but if you just want to give it a try you can just order one which ends up costing £12.95 including P&P. PLUS you get any extra THREE free deluxe products with my code.

If you choose to do this then simply enter BBXLAURALOU on the bag page and as well as the Birchbox you will also get a TRIO of three suprise deluxe size samples...for free. This code will be active until the 30th April, so make sure to use this offer before then. Note: The extra three products will be sent in a separate box.

Let me know what you think. Do you already receive Birchbox, or any other beauty boxes?

Go to the BirchBox UK website to see what it's all about.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Beauty Assistant Snobbery.

...It's happened a few times to me, but never to the extent of me feeling really upset leaving a department store, and never wanting to go back again. Beauty store snobbery is pretty common, and we are all very familiar with the snooty looks the overly made up counter assistants can give you if play around with their testers or shock horror even want a sample before you try! (Then they just go back to chatting with so-and-so from Dior...)
Today I experienced something totally different, I went into a department store in my home island of Jersey, a beauty hall that I have been shopping in for literally years, and have spent obscene amounts of money in here. Like ridiculous amounts. It's easily in the thousands, and on 4/5 occasions I've spent in excess of £300-£400. I used to always go back this particular dept store/beauty hall (there are 2 others in jersey)  because a couple of the assistants knew me and looked after me when I used to go. I was never a *nuisance* customer, I have never asked for samples, as a makeup artist and beauty blogger, always know what I want, I choose a foundation in about 0.003 seconds by swatching it on my hand and I don't make a fuss.

My experience. Today, I went in and was probably the only customer in the beauty hall. There were probably 50% of the counters staffed and I did my usual of just approaching counters and picking and getting a product. Stop 1 = Lancome mascara. I know I'm getting more products, so I just say to assistant and she gives me the mascara and I walk about. Next stop = Dior, where two assistants from another counter are trying out and looking at products and the Dior assistant is just talking to them, doing her thing and does not even greet me or acknowledge I am there. I pick a mascara, she gives me the product and I move on again. I then walk past another counter, Creme De La Mer, and see the Dior lady whispering something to CDLM lady and they look at me, I believe it to be something about me having 2 mascara's in my hands and maybe to watch me, I honestly felt like they thought I was a thief / shoplifter at this point, so obviously started to feel really upset and uncomfortable.
Ignored. I asked the CDLM lady for a lip balm, she half ignored me so I had to ask her again, she didn't even offer any more help or say anything more to me, she just handed it to me and turned her back on me. By this point, I'm feeling like I should give it back to her and all the other products and leave but I really wanted a YSL foundation so I waved across for someone to help me as YSL had no staff either. 

Fortunately this lady was absolutely lovely and she saved the situation from me walking out and making a formal complaint to me still buying a bunch of beauty products. She offered to take my products whilst I walked around, as she went to her counter, the CDLM lady walked straight over to her, and you know when you KNOW she was talking to her about me. I felt I didn't want to be there anymore so I went to her to pay. She was so lovely and I could tell she already knew I was unhappy, so I told her how uncomfortable I was made to feel by that particular assistant, and how I have been a very good customer of theirs for a long time, and I wanted my comments passed on to her manager. She was apologetic and couldn't have been nicer, but I just left feeling shakey, upset, embarrassed and really furious. Every single brand in there is sold in a department store 50m away so my business has gone there and I will never, ever shop in this department store ever again. Will they care? Absolutely not, but that is probably why their beauty hall was depressingly vacant on the brink of a bank holiday weekend, and I am left with a really bad taste in my mouth.

I am not alone....I am clueless to why this appears to be such a common occurrence too. Beauty store/ Department store snobbery:  Maybe I have been lucky that I haven't been made to feel like this before? I was a enraged imminently after this so I tweeted about it and the response I got clearly suggests I'm not on my own. A few men said that it's impossible for them to shop in beauty halls as they get totally ignored too. It's really sad. It extends from old-school beauty assistants being snooty into people you don't know judging you on what you appear to look them. I don't wear labels all over my clothes, I wear trainers, jeans and I often look dishevelled and I really don't care: this is me. If the assistants had looked a bit closer, maybe they would have noticed my expensive bag, My expensive sunglasses, my bags brimming with beauty products from the store I had just been to and the fact that my dirty trainers were Isabel Marant? (irrelevant but just underlining the irony here) I am just astounded by their ignorance and how little things like this can make you feel a bit.... worthless. I have sometimes had the whole bad service and ignorant assistant at MAC counters but I don't get offended to the point of wanting to complain or vent like I have just now. #BeautyShoppingDrama  OVER & OUT.
Have you ever been made to feel like this? Literally the first time for me, and hopefully never again. Share your beauty shopping horror stories! Who are the worst offenders?!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


A makeup question I am always asked is how I do my brows. They are the one thing I constantly get complimented on, and I take a little bit more pride in them than I probably should...but I am hiding a deep, dark and awful secret.....they are completely faked

 The reality of it is, my brows without makeup on, are patchy, sparse and just awful. I look like a boiled egg without any brows on, and due to this I have become a bit of a master at faking them. I used to have terrible brows.....TERRIBLE, a lot worse than what they are now, I overplucked them, plucked them from the top, and they were these little sad , uneven things. I then decided to stop ALL plucking for a painful few months and this allowed me to see what I naturally had and how I could work with them. *Life-changing moment right there*. I then took my bushy-ass brows down to my local threaders and they made the perfect shape and then I could see where I had been going wrong. I think sometimes you are so used to doing your brows a certain way that you need someone else to look and tell you where they are unueven.

There are lots of shapes and ways you can have your brows, I am just sticking with the typical 'ideal' brow , which is slightly arched, elongated and has a nice bit of volume. See Below. As you can see I don't naturally have this shape and you may not either, but as we can see, with the use of a wax, tweeze and knowledge we can all fake beautiful looking brows. If your brows are really ungroomed and you have never done anything with them, the first thing to do is go to a salon and get them threaded. They will give you the perfect shape to work with and get rid of unecessary hairs, then from here you can maintain and tweezer that shape yourself at home. I rarely get my threaded or waxed - I just shape them myself and the rest is down to makeup & you can see what a difference it makes.
Follow these 3 guide points..The main things to look at to get a nice brow shape (1) Your inner brow should come into where the bottom of your nose would be if you drew an imaginary line up. An easy way to check this is just with a pen or anything straight you can hold up against the brow. (2) The arch of the brow should be roughly 3/4 of the way across, just outside of the far side of your iris. Mine is quite a bit further out than the below photo suggests, so don't be too regimental! (3) Get a pen again from the bottom of your nose and bring it so it hits the bottom of the eye and sweeps out : the end of your brow should be where the pen crosses your brow line (mine don't come out this far so I elongate them).
As it's my makeup obession, I have a huge pile of brow products - tried tested and loved. I am quite picky with the tone of brown I use and sometimes this can make it hard to find it and definately not all brands will have my perfect brow colour. I like a really dark cool brown, so no red tone at all, but a lot tend to have a warm tone to them which doesn't work for me. I switch between quite a few products and here is a pick of my favourites:
My go-to brow product . I think pencils are only really for you if you have patchy / sparse brows (like me in my no makep brow photo). They will be pretty useless if you already have even hairs along your brow and don't need much filling, so only get a pencil if you need to really need to fake that brow!

Laura Mercier 'Brunette' OLD STYLE, no longer available. Meh. I have been mourning the loss of these triangular brow pencils since Laura Mercier replaced them with the newer, less impressive version over a year ago. The old formulas had nice hard lead to get perfect precision and the colour 'Brunette' is the best I have found for me. I have run down every single one I have owned and luckily a makeup artist friend of mine had a spare old one and now I am onto my last pencil which slightly terrifies me. I have heard rumours that Laura Mercier herself is not happy with these new, overly waxy, rubbish formulas, so I am hoping to see a reincarnation of the triangular brow pencils. ASAP.

Clinique superfine liner for brows I really like the formula of this pencil, the colour (04 brown/black) is pretty good too for me. It is a twist up, no-sharpen pencil which is handy, as I am forever sharpening my LM one. The only bad thing about pencils you twist up rather than sharpen is that it can quickly lose it's sharpness as it becomes more rounded at the end. To overcome this, I often snap off the end so it's flat-topped again and once used at an angle you get perfect hair-like strokes. 

BareMinereals Frame & Define* This has a slightly waxier formula than the others, I just wish the colour was a touch less warm, it's not perfect for me. An all-round good brow pencil though and I know these have been popular with makeup-artists.

L'Oreal Brow Artist I may be being dumb but I cannot seem to find, for the life of me, the colour of this pencil, and I'm pretty sure it's not just the one shade as this is dark that it pleases me. No red tones, and actually THE BEST high street brow pencil I have purchased. The shade is near perfect and it has a clear wax on the other end for grooming and finishing.

Kevyn Aucoin This is looking likely to take over the spot of my LM Brunette pencil when this last one runs out. The brunette tone is great, but they have just launched 'Dark Brunette' which is even greater (I haven't bought yet). The great thing about these is that these are probably the HARDEST lead in a brow pencil I have used = superfine perfect hair-like strokes. Really easy to use as they are just a twist-up pencil (no lid) and is really up tthere in the best for me. HOWEVER, they do run out quickly which is the only drawback. I think one lasts me 2 months using it daily. So an expensive habit for me to get lured into.

By this I basically mean the ONLY brow product I am seeing scattered all over Instagram on these frustratingly perfect brow photos. These are photoshopped to HELL so please don't believe the perfectness you see. I digress... Anastasia Beverly Hills have a best-selling 'Brow Pomade' that is a bit of a brow must-have at the moment. On further snooping and investigation, I am assuming these formulas are basically like your typical longwear gel eyeliner. So I tried using my Shu Uemura M brown painting liner on my brows, and it's pretty good. I haven't jumped on the Anastacia bandwagon quite yet, but I would be interested to hear your thoughts. I still think they are just glorified gel liners and in that case I don't need to indulge!
Brow inks
I only started using brow inks when I got introduced to the Cosmetics A La Carte ones around a year ago. I instantly fell in love with it, the colour Sable (swatched below) it's absolutely perfect for me, again, no red tone in it at all. The thing with brow inks are that if you use them just on their own you have to be careful to just do gentle strokes with the super fine nib, otherwise you can get a heavy looking/ unuatural finish on the brow. I used my CALC one religiously for like a month or teo but I did find that it ran out relatively quickly - maybe 2 months max, which was the only disadvantage of it. I haven't re-purchased it yet (around £21) as I am on the hunt for a budget alternative. 

 Hourglass Calligraphy eyeliner This is obviously not a brow ink as such, but I just started using it as an alternative when my CALC one dried up. It's not perfect because the applicator is a typical liquid eyeliner rather than a fine brow ink nib, so mistakes are easily made! 

GOSH brow pen I purchased this last week after I heard they did a nice budget brow ink, it's around £6. I opted for the darkest shade 004 and unfortunately it's just not quite dark enough and has too much red in it, so I cannot really wear it. It's a shame as quality of the ink/nib etc is great and it's very similar to the CALC one. If anyone has any other recs for brow inks then please leave suggestions below!

PS I have also used the By Terry one which dried out really quick, not happy with that one. I have just spotted that KIKO do brow markers - I am really interested to try this as it looks like they do a really dark brow/black and only cost £5.90.
**Update - Just purchased this today, will let you know once I have used, the nib looks quite thick though, colour is amazing!**
Brow Gels
A must-have for all-day neat brows. Brow gels literally act as your hairspray and keep the hairs all groomed in the same direction and then it dries slightly hard so everthing stays in place. 

Eyeko Brow Gel This is my go-to and I use this daily. It has a brownish tint to it and also a bit of a sheen / glisten which I like and haven't seen in any other brow gels. The wand is nice and small, so you don't get goop all over the place.

W7 brow gel This is just a simple clear gel that you can use on both your eyes and lashes. It's a typical mascaca-size wand so bigger than my other 2 selections, but it has no pigment so even if you hit the skin, you aren't going to mess anything up. A great budget buy!

Benefit Speed Brow  Have used this on and off for many years, and it's a close second behind my Eyeko brow gel. The tint on this is slightly lighter (Eyeko may be too dark for many FYI) and will suit all brow colours. Nice and small wand for precision, and a teeny tube so good for small makeup-bags and your first brow gel if Eyeko seems a bit dark for you.
Brow Kits & Compacts
I think these are best for you if you don't need a helluva lotta fill to do (I do!) in your brows. If you already have a reasonable shape and the hairs aren't too sparse, then these are perfect for you. The wax will tame unruly brows and hairs to perfect the shape and then I always follow with a powder after - this gives something for the powder to adhere too also. The reason why I cannot use these for filling patchy areas, is because you will be applying this in essence, straight onto skin, and it's very hard to build up a brow hair look onto skin if with powder. HOWEVER, some people like a soft, even colour, and in that case this would work for you, whereas I like the 'brow hair' look. I'm babbling. My favs :

Kiko Eyebrow Expert* This is a very neat and handy compact. This contains a brown coloured wax and then two coloured powders. One is very pale, so could probably be used on dark blondes. the other is a medium brown so will work for most brunettes. Also contains mini tweezers, a small angle brush and a mini spoolie which I love!

Urban Decay Brow Box* This has two coloured matte powders and a colourless wax and all the utensils you need for application, plus mini tweezers. The shade I have/use is 'Brown sugar' which is just dark enough for me, and the two shades allow for a custom blend, so will work for most brunettes. I use this when I want a really natural finish in my brows.
Brow Highlighters
The only one I use religiously is Benefit 'High Brow'. This is officially the makeup product that I have used the most EVER! Literally I have used it since it launched maybe 8 years ago, I use it every single day without fail and every time I run down, I top up. One pencil usually lasts me over a year too, so it's not an expensive addiction. High brow, for me, is just the perfect finish and colour, it is has a matte finish, it's quick to use and the off-white/pinkish tone is perfect to give that barely there lift. I'm not a fan of shimmery bright, under brow highlighters. If you like a bit more sheen then they do a 'glow' version which is still subtle, but has more a gold shimmery finish. It's the original one for me though - everytime! The only downside to this pencil is that it's quite an unusal size so only one sharpener that I have found actaully sharpens it . It's larger than your typical eyeliner but smaller than say NARS lip pencils, so not many sharperners cater for it.
I am asked quite often how I makeup my brows, so here is my way. I often use different products depending on how hard or soft I want my brows to look, but this is the typical everyday way for me. I like a strong brow, without it looking 'Scouse brow' or like it been drawn on with a marker.
I think with the popularity of the whole HD brows things has seen some really bad imitations and walking round town or beauty counters you can see some real horror shows (meow, sorry), but my advice would be to draw on your brow softly and build it up - you DON'T want one block of colour across the brows as this will look fake, you need a mix of tones, texture and a bit of graduation to make them look natural and beautiful.
1. Bare Brow eek quick we need to get to work..
2. I fill in the desired shape with Laura Mercier 'Brunette' brow pencil (old triangular one)
3. Draw on fake hairs with a brow ink , or at the moment I have just been using the hourglass liquid liner in 'Cognac' a beautiful deep brown with no red.
4. Highlight under the brow to give lift. My failsafe, every day go-to is Benefit 'High Brow'. I just literally draw a line under my brow.
5. Blend that shit! So it just leaves a naturally slighter paler tone under the brow
6. Finish and perfect the brow with a sweep through of brow gel.

Coloured Brows
I go through phases of putting colour through my brows and have done this for many years - pink, red, blue and purple, whatever takes my fancy. The way I do this, is to lightly shape my brow with a pencil first (step 1) and then literally just go over the top with a colour, usually a cream eyeliner, eyeshadow or even lipliner for the pinks/reds. youy can have fun with colours, and it's a cute makeup addition for parties and festivals or just everyday, depending on your makeup-style and bravery.
This is a really long post as there is so much to talk about when it comes to brows. There are a vast selection of products you can use and methods you can try to get the look you want. I hope this makes a bit of sense and I hope I've explained my brow application easily? Please let me know what you think, your thought, and obviously.... YOUR FAVOURITE BROW PRODUCTS!
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