Sunday, 1 February 2015

Skincare | Oily skin saviours.

 Oily skin. Open Pores. Maybe the occasional blemish. Constantly battling with foundations that stay on. Forever blotting shine away. If this sounds like you then here is a bunch of products that I find really good for my oily/combination skin. I've had my fair share of skin woes ; I have been on Roaccutane for over 2 years in my I have been through ALL the typical skincare products to help this tricky skintype. This post isn't aimed at blemishes/ acne, I will do an updated post on that....just more-so around oily skin and to help normalise it and balance it out.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Makeup | Benefit RollerLash review.

 Well this is a very hyped up product isn't it? I started seeing the whirlwind whip up on social media around a week ago and then I received a free sample from Benefit to try out and review. So here I am. Here we are. I want to give you an in-depth and honest review of what is possibly Benefit's biggest launch that will be in 2015.

Now I am not blown away by Benefit's previous mascaras ; I actually used to WORK for benefit when I was at university when they launched 'Bad Gal lash' and I found the wand on this too big, I'm NEVER a fan of huge wands, I just can't get any control and the mascara end up near my brows. Then they launched the hugley popular 'They're Real' which I have purchased after trying a small trial size, and liked it, I thought it was very good, but not in my top 10. I wasn't blown away as so many people seemed to be.
 Benefit are about to Launch their first mascara in 4 years, RollerLash, so it kind of needs to be a big deal. It will officially launch in March, however you can currently get your free sample/trial size in this month's issue of ELLE magazine (the one with Kiera on the front/March Issue). Be quick, mind, as I think there will be A LOT of people scrambling to get this magazine solely to try out this mascara.

Skincare | Handpicked multi-purpose balms.

A hard working balm can solve a multitude of skin problems, save space in your handbag and just generally reduce shelf space in your beauty cabinet. I love a multi-use balm and have hundreds (I exaggerate) scattered around my house and in various handbags. I suffer from dry cuticles and lips so I am always slathering some ointment on myself to heal & soothe dry skin. Here are my current fantastic four:

Friday, 30 January 2015

New Launch | KIKO Generation Next Collection.

The latest launch from KIKO cosmetics is all about celebrating the future with an introduction of 40 new and limited edition makeup items & accessories. KIKO 'Generation Next' has packaging that reflects it's inspiration and is very geometric, metallic and shiny ; It was inspired by Italian glassware 'Murano'. Personally I am not overly keen on the outer packaging/boxes, I feel it is a little bit of a dated futuristic look - like it had been made in the 80's to look futurustic if you get me?! Either way, I know that KIKO always out-perform on the quality of product so I'm not put off by the boxes I will soon be throwing in the recycling.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Skincare Love | Antipodes Ananda Toner.

TONERS HAVE MADE A COMEBACK! It's something that I've used on and off over the years, but usually 'off' as I'm a lazy mare. I always have some kind of facial spray/toning mist in my makeup kit. The spray element makes it quick and easy to use when you have minimal time & it gives that instant feeling of gratification to my clients and that blissful feeling of freshness onto the skin.I will use it as intended, as a toner when I am prepping the skin, but it's perfect for using throughout the day to freshen the/your makeup and stop it looking and feeling too powdery.

Antipodes is an organic new zealand skincare range that  uses botanical ingredients and plant & flower extracts. I was introduced to the brand last year and it's one of my favourite skincare brands at the moment. Everything I have tried has been lovely on my skin, it does what it says, it's clean and this somewhat 'niche' brand has integrity.

The ANANDA toner (not 'Amanda' as I thought for like 2 weeks) is a very gentle antioxidant-rich spray that not only preps the skin for your everyday/night skincare routine, but it also infuses the skin with antioxidants, omegas and moisture. NO ALCOHOL or any kind of astringent-feel here ; the ingredients, as expected are organic, plant-based and effective.

Key Ingredients:
The main ingredient in this is water. Not just meh water, but 15,000 year old Waiwera artesian water which is mineral-enriched and pure.
Mamuka black fern : Renews skin cells, firming and protective
Bulgarian rose oil : This precious ingredient is aromatic and calming. A natural anti-bacterial.
Raspberry seed oil :Antioxidant,contains vitamin A & omegas 3 & 6
Marshmallow extract : anti-inflammatory & soothing
Aloe Vera : Calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory

It has a nice delicate rosewater smell ; very pleasent and I like the fact that it isn't using any chemical fragreances or alcohol in this toner. The spray is nice and consistent and ensures a perfect light mist of product hits the skin - I despise it when I am freshening up my makeup or using it on a client and it squirts out too much product making the skin look wet!

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone! The reason why I had forgotten about toners is the time of applying them onto cotton pads blah blah, but in this spray form, it adds no extra time to my AM/PM routine which is what I love about it. This is suited to all skintypes, including the sensitive, irritated, dry and sun-damaged.

The Ananda toner costs £19.90 and is available to buy on the Antipodes website. Other UK stockists include Feel Unique, Selfridges & Beauty Bay.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Makeup Crush | Zoeva Brushes.

Zoeva is a cosmetics range that are pretty much KNOWN for their brushes. I have been hearing so much about them lately and I'm sure you have too. When I read stuff loads on beauty blogs all at the same time I am sometimes feel a bit mehhhh... maybe hype, but when makeup artists I know and trust are raving about them , I KNOW it's not just hear'say.

I was lucky enough to be sent the Zoeva rose gold eye set and I think these could be the prettiest-looking brushes I have ever seen. Rose gold is a fusion of pink and gold and it's kind of become quite *in* lately : think charlotte tilbury packaging, the new shiny brushes from Real Techniques etc etc.

This set consists of 12 eye brushes which covers all the bases and applications that you could want or need : blending, application, liner, buffing, brows, crease and defining. These rose gold brushes are handcrafted perfectly and use a blend of high quality natural and synthetic taklon hair to ensure the best application possible. These eye brushes can be used with both cream and powder products. I tend to stick with the general rule that the natural-hair brushes are best with powder and the synthetic are best for cream products.

The chocolate brown wooden handles ensure easy control and they are nice to hold and use. Make sure when you wash your brushes you only clean the brush bit and don't soak the handles, as this will shorten their lifespan considerably.  Storage is also important, don't keep them in any places where they may pick up dust or dirt which can then be transferred onto the face (ewww), I keep them in diptyque jars at home which also stops the hairs from being squashed and the brush shape stays nice and true.

Zoeva brushes, including this showpiece set is available on one of my favourite *pro* makeup artist websites Lovemakeup. I say pro because it has lots of unique and nifty products that are makeup artist must-haves, a lot of brands you may have never heard of alongside the bigger brands. It's not exclusive ; anyone can shop there: It's absolutely brimming with holy grail makeup artist products and I love love makeup (!). 

This set costs £56.95 and that is a BRILLIANT PRICE considering I have one eyeshadow brush that costs over £100 on it's lonely own...gulp. I am that in love with these brushes that I am going to treat myself to that Rose Gold face brush set they also do.
 Believe the hype : Zoeva is an amazing price, great quality and they have a huge range of brushes to choose from

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Makeup | PurMinerals Makeup Look & Giveaway

 Jupiter Ascending is a big blockbustery-type move that is coming out at the beginning of next month (see the trailer here, if only to see Channing Tatum..)

Pur Minerals have created a beautiful makeup set in conjuction with the film and inspired by the character Mila Kunis plays (there's some really cool makeup looks..). This set (below) contains a 5-shade eye palette, liquid eyeliner and a light-up lipgloss which is completely exclusive to I have been set a Blogger Challenge by Pur Minerals to recrete a makeup look using this collection.
My Makeup look

I wanted to create a look based around the palette:  I absolutely love the burgundy/cranberry shade so focused my look around this ; it's an absolute winner for brightening blue or green eyes but also looks so beautiful on hazel and brown eyes. I have done an easy 6-step 'how-to' for those who are a bit new to the smokey eye look so I hope this helps.
The lipstick and gloss from PurMinerals work perfectly together to create a beautiful nude lip. It balances out the heavier eye which is the focus, so the look can be worn without looking too drag-chic. The lipgloss within the set is one of those magic ones that light-up as you open it, so it's great for evenings out and showing off on the bus/tube/anyway. I struggle to find a really nice nude lipstick that isn't too brown and this is one of THE BEST I have found. The pigments of these eye shadows is insane, and I think even the most fearful of smokey-eye-wearers will find this easy to apply and blend.

I also used the infamous PurMinerals Hot Rocks which are pressed mineral pigments to give a beautiful blush on the cheeks. They are crushed with bits of pearl to also give that highlight dimension which I love = Glowing skin in an instant.

Full product list: (all PurMinerals) BASE: Liquid Veil foundation, disappearing act concealer, Mineral Glow bronzer,  Hot Rocks blusher & highlight EYES: Jupiter Ascending palette eye palette (shades; Majesty, Destiny, Jupiter, Caine), Black liquid liner (from JA palette) Big Look mascara,  Eye pencil,  (polished stone) LIPS:  Lipstick (smooth talker), Lipgloss from JA palette (Galaxy)

Not only can you be in with a chance to win the gorgeous Jupiter Ascending palette, but a bunch of the other KEY products I used to create this look... PLUS cinema tickets to see the movie.

Products included in giveaway:
1 x Jupiter Ascending palette (includes eyeshadow palette, black liquid eyeliner, lipgloss)
1 x  Big Look mascara (black)
1 x Hot Rocks
1 x Eyeliner (polished stone)
1 x Lipstick (smooth talker)
2 x cinema tickets to see Jupiter Ascending
Worth over £100!

How to Enter:
 1.) Follow this blog on Bloglovin or GFC (link in the right-hand column) & drop me a comment below with some form of contact (e-mail, twitter handle..)

2.) An extra entry for following me on twitter & tweeting about this giveway : 

3.) This Competition is open from Monday 26th January - 1st February (11.59pm)
Winner will be selected by and announced on the blog and twitter on the 2nd February and the winner will be alerted via the contact that you leave.

4.) *UK only*

Best of luck everyone! What do you think of this makeup look, is is something you would wear?