Sunday, 7 August 2011

How to Ombre your hair at-home.

I may look like this soon

I'm not too precious with my hair, so fancied a change and wanted to try an 'at-home Ombre' session. I did a small bit of researsh AKA looking at other blogs/youtube tutorials of other people doing it, and popped down to the shops to buy the things I needed. I am a brunette hence why I also needed the bleach for after highlighting....I didnt want to be orange, famous last words. If you are light brunette you should be able to just do this with a basic highlighting kit.

*I'm not a qualified hair colourist so this is just an experiment, please dont follow this exactly as results will vary*

My luscious hair before

what I was looking to achieve

Things you will need:

 - Highlighting kit (anywhere)
 - Bleach powder (sally's)
 - Creme develepor 40% vol (sally's)
 - Toner (sally's)
 - mixing bowl (can re-use the one in the highlighting kit if you want)
 - Tin foil
 - Timer
 - Lots of time
 - Deep conditioner
 - Balls

I had seen someone else do this with the L'Oreal blonde highlighting kit so I got  this one, I'm not sure how it compares to others but it seems to be one of the most popular.

The contents of the highlighting kit

Here are the basic steps I followed:

1.) I parted my hair into two bunches either side of my head
2.) I mixed up the highlighting kit as instructed, and it looks like a blue paste.....

3.) I then took one bunch of hair, and applied the paste over a few inches of the bottom of my hair.....around 3-4 inches. I laid it over a piece off foil to brush the cream on. I wrapped the foil gently around my hair and left to develop.

4.) After the development time was up, I then rinsed over the shower to reveal a bit of a ginger mess. This isn't how it looked when the cute girls did it in the youtube tutorials.

5.) I Deep conditioned the ends, rinsed, then dried my hair to see true colour. Which was this...

too funny
This is when my handy bleach came into play, I mixed up the bleach powder with the creme develepor (I used 40% but only because my hair is brown) and basically repeated steps 3-4 again, BUT I applied this slightly lower down the phase 1, as in around 2inches of hair from the bottom, so it would become a more gradual ombre, rather than a brown to blonde block.

With the bleach stage, I just checked under the foil every 15 mins or so, and left this on for around 45mins but that really depends on you and the condition of your hair. Rinsed, conditioned, dried again.... It came out a *little* less ginge but after that I then put some toner on to take the brassiness out.

I was kind of blaise about the's ok, the ginger to blonde works quite a flambe ombre..and if it doesnt work out well, then you can always trim the few inches off the bottom of your hair, and to be honest you may need to anyway at some point after all the bleaching on it!! I'll leave my another month or so and trim it.
x Laura x

UPDATE!! I recently did another Ombre, but this time on my hair extensions rather than my hair! Amazing results, am super happy, have a look here.


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