Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sarah Chapman skincare

I was lucky enough to be invited to have a day of training and insight at the Sarah chapman skincare clinic in knightsbridge, London this week. I have a huge wealth of knowledge about skincare brands, ingredients, bullshit and I was intrigued to learn more about this cult brand. (currently available @ Space NK stores, QVC and in their salon). They are tailoring the brand towards a educated customer (no parabens/mineral oils/detergents) who want anti-ageing results. So many 'natural' brands nowadays claim to be results-driven, yet I have found none which I really am convinced by. I had the pleasure of having a Q & A with Sarah herself and she explained more behind the choice of ingredients and how they would work on the skin. PS she is a great face to sell a skincare brand, she is glowingly gorgeous..

Vitamin A is present throughout the range which is great for anti-ageing, balancing the skin (anti-acne), retexturising and brightening. The 'Overnight Facial' which is her signature product has the highest % of vitamin A that you can buy in the UK market. Also good to know is that these products are so unique and complex that they could not be manufactured in any of the UK skincare factories, she had to go to the US!!! She uses a blend of 9 different skin-enhancing peptides, these do many things from blocking melanin, relaxing facial muscles, strengthening skin cells and producing better collagen. Vitamin C is also a key product, and we all know that that is great for brightening and evening out the skin tone. You should have a look at the website to see the exact breakdown of ingridients as I don't want to bore you but I am 100% convinced that this brand has pretty much everything you need from a skincare line (SPF15 in both day creams too!)....

I was given a gorgeous goody bag which had the 'Dynamic Defence' every day face moisturiser and one of her 'boosters' which is great for evening out and brightening the skin. Her boosters are like very active serums that you add into your moisturiser day or night or whenever your skin needs something extra. There are 3. I have only been using it for 3 days now but I will definately do a follow-up review in one month to let you know the true results!!

I could definately gabble on and on about all the different products but it would get boring. Please take a look at or to have a nosey yourselves. Also do let me know if you have used and results you have seen/ any questions! My follow-up review will be here soon. (plus photo evidence maybe.....if there is any!)

Laura x
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