Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I hate to love these.... Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks

Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks. My most-used makeup product probably of all time. I bought my first one back around 10 years ago, and have used them ever since, on a DAILY basis. I think the refinement of the powder is spot on...they are not too glittery/bitty and give you a perfect glow. (I use them as a highlighter on my cheeks and lightly all over my face to give a glow, hence why I always look so fantastic).

BUT. They. Break. Continuosly, and they say they have altered the formula but they still break. Maybe they now tell you not to put them in your handbag....but what's the point of having a makeup item? Makeup Artists definately cannot have these floating about in their kits without trouble. I have to use other highlighters in my kit now, such as benefit, MAC & NARS as they are a lot sturdier.

Yes, I'm careful with them (ish) but if we do some light maths, I have bought 6 of these over the years and out of those 6, one has survived.Therefore you have around an 83% chance of your shimmer brick turning to shit if you spend your hard-earned £30.50 on one.

From Top Left-Right: Rose (still going), Bronze (shattered, I had another bronze which I had to throw after shattering, this one I will have to throw today), Nectar (latest one I bought, shattered) Bottom left: Rose (not shattered but has seperated from case: soon to shatter), Peony (not shattered but clasp is broken so does not shut)

Is this going to stop me buying them? NO, I
can't WAIT for the next decent colour to come out but I hate to love these infuriating yet beautiful highlighting powders.

Lauder, sort it out for me?


Laura Lou x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

By Terry - Mascara Terrybly

The last mascara review I flash reviewed was the Rimmel day-2-night which is obvs a high street brand so I thought as I got my hand on one of the latest Mascaras From uber-exclusive/ slightly-out-of-reach priced makeup brand, ByTerry.

Terry is a french makeup & skincare brand, which is available only in space NK stores over here in the UK. Terry de Gunzberg herself is the wonderwoman who created the most-bought makeup item in the whole world...... YSL's Touche Eclat. Since moving on from being YSL's creative director, she founded By Terry cosmetics.

This mascara is from her latest range 'Terrybly' (geddit?) and is priced at an eye-watering £31. It is not the most expensive on the market (Chantaceille have launched one of late priced at £60 - I have one, maybe to be reviewed, I'm saving it!)... but is definateky on the upper end of the price scale

It is described as a lash growth boosting serum, and more on the side of a 'tinted lash serum' than a mascara, containing XXLash complex (made up?) , collagen, hyaluronic acid, polymers and vegetable wax. It is a mascara for those who want full volume, length & definition.

The texture of the mascara is almost gel-like & glossy so the brush doesnt look cloggy or thick. The brush is a nice size, kind of like DiorShow, maybe a bit smaller, which is a good thing. I like a bit of control when using my mascara. I think the packaging reflects the price too...gold, shiny and says 'I'm a rich bitch look at my mascara'.

I really liked using this mascara, I found it really lenghtening and easy to build up. Here are photo steps below of my application:

So this is my eye with nothing on. Rank.

Next step: Some shadow and liner (I STILL use my Rimmel I always rave about)

This was with one coat of the Terrybly mascara, so more lengthened & defined, and below

I added another coat of mascara and a bit of liner for a more dramatic look.

So I was pretty pleased with the results. It's one of the best mascaras I have used lately. I still wouldnt buy any mascara for £31 until I win the lottery BUT if you can afford, why not. Whether or not it will boost my lash growth I don't know, from the ingredients I'm sure it will do something....that is if you use it every day though. I like to swap and change my mascara's, at least 3 on the go in my bag so I will never know but I am happy with the results of the Terrybly mascara. 

It's not Terryble. Hahahahahahahahahahah

X Laura Lou x

Monday, 14 November 2011

Swarovski nails

I remember seeing this photo of Katy Perry's nails AGES ago and wanted to do something similar. Realistically, this kind of look is really for a one-off event/ special occasion, it's not gonna be something you can wear for days on end....unless you are a WAG, on the dole..or very inactive with your hands.

Katy Perry's Bling

I have a few bags of swarovski crystals in different shades and sizes for my makeup kit so I used these, some nail glue, a wooden manicure stick and a bit of time & patience. Some people have already been asking where you can buy the crystals....I got mine from this amazing shop just off Carnaby Street, London, which is renowned for it's beads & craft implements http://creativebeadcraft.co.uk alternatively, you can buy online, but some cheaper crystals may not have the same glisten as swarovski.

I could not be arsed really to do the whole lot like Perry, plus I knew it would be more of an occasion thing rather than being able to continue to work normally with crystals all over my nails, so I toned it down a bit and did only one full nail, and the rest with just a hint. I think any colour would look good, I may try black next but this time I just used the plain crystal swarovski's and used 2 sizes. When I get more time, I think it would be good to mix up the colours a bit more. You can create any kind of look you want.

1.) Prep all your nails, I just did a quick french mani, and then on my ring finger I painted the whole nail with silver (I used Rococo) as this would be a good background for the clear crystals. (If using black obviously use black varnish, purple use a purple varnish, it will look more effective).

2.) I dotted nail glue precisely where I wanted to place the crystals.

3.) Before the glue dries, pick up your chosen crystals with the wooden manicure stick (sounds gross but you need to lick the tip of it so the crystal will stick) and then place crystal onto the nail.

4.) you have around 15 seconds before the glue will dry so you can re-place etc if you need.

This is just as i was doing my pinky! So I just have the silver polish under where I want to place the crystals.....then see below as the crystals are building up.

5.) when I first tried this I used a clear topcoat all over the crystals to kind of seal them in, but this actually took away abit of their sparkle, so I would recommend just to leave them.

This was my finished look. I quite like the mix of clean/french manicure with the ouch of swarovski. I will probably do a more dramatic look next time...

So for the wearibility of this, it will only stay together for a night really... Depending on how drunk you get they may even start coming off then if you are too unruly.

What do you think??

x Laura Lou x

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