Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Limecrime: You need at least one in your life

I have used Limecrime lipsticks for a few years now, they are great for photoshoots because of their unique rainbow colours, longwear and deep pigment. You can also mix them together in a palette to create your own shades.

I also wear them often for myself, although I realise not everyone will want to wear blue lipstick, there IS a shade that everyone will like. They are also vegan friendly and cruelty-free which I like even more.

Each lipstick tube comes in a lovely purple tube with a silver unicorn. Although for work, I decant them into a Muji container for ease of use & reducing kit space.

One of my favourite shades is Airborne unicorn which is a deep lilac, and a slighty paler lilac called D'Lilac.  Seen below swatched on my hand. 

D'Lilac (L)  & Airborne Unicorn (R)

 Airborne Unicorn

Cher Lloyd even likes it, used by her fab Makeup Artist Adam Burrell used it for her 'I want you back' video.

Limecrime also do eyeshadow, palettes and loose pigments which also come in an array of beautiful & crazy shades for you to choose from.

If you are wanting to buy some I would go to which is one of the UK stockists (you won't be paying loads for P&P from the US!)RRP £11.50

x Laura x


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