Thursday, 8 March 2012

One thing I'm really good at...

I went on a big makeup & clothes shop last week as I haven't done ANY shopping for so long. I got mainly extra bits for my kit so lots of exciting new beauty products.

Yeaaaaaah buddy

I went to Selfridges as it's so great for saving time....has so many brands in once place starting with ILLAMASQUA.I have a bit of a fondness for their products as the director of product development, David Horne taught me makeup <3. The assistant was so lovely & I came away with a couple of skin bases for my kit (white...will be so handy to mix with other shades... and no.11 which is more towards my skin tone). I also love their liquid metals, so got the quad with all four shades in, HOLLOW cream colour which I am continously hearing about from bloggers and makeup artists, and some nail varnishes.

From MAC I stocked up on all kit stuff... A few shades of Face & Body which I'm low on, some new pigments, a pan eyeshadow in matte orange and a blending brush '217'. I never use Face & Body on myself, just on shoots and's absolutely essential for using on legs and exposed skin on a shoot and gorgeous on the face when the model has good skin!

New pigments: L-R Aurora, Nebula, Grape

I also went to visit SCREENFACE in Covent Garden. This is more of a pro makeup shop, but anyone can go and indulge. Here I stocked up on a new brush roll, 2 x Japonesque empty lip palettes (the thing I'm MOST excited for), some Dermashield (great for using on models with uber sensitive skin), Embroylisse cleansing cream, Some Fardell metallic colours and a BEN NYE colour wheel which is great for mixing up your own shades and face/body painting......oh and a small metal mixing palette which helps with the aforementioned task.

Japonesque palette
Last stop was SPACE NK, every girls favourite beauty apothecary. Most of the things here were for me rather than my kit....Amber Diptique candle (mmmmmmmmy favourite!), Emma Hardie foaming cleanser and cloths (AMAZING, everyone needs to try Emma Hardie), Space Nk muscle soak which I absolutely love and Aromatherapy Associates bath oil minatures. I got the Brow/Lash groomer for my kit oh and the Laura Mercier 'Brunette' brow pencil is for me. I use this every day.

I'm really excited to fill up my japonesque lip palettes to make some space in my kit......and this also is going to kick me up the arse to have a long overdue clean up session on my makeup kit!

x Laura x


  1. that is literally my dream shopping day! i love every one of those products for me and my kit! how does the emma hardie cleanser and cloth compare to liz earle, im interested in trying it! and the space nk muscle soak looks like exactly what i need for my tight shoulders and neck! x

  2. Hi Hayley :) yeah the soak is a recent find for me, I got the small travel one for £6 a while back and love it, so got the big one! It's smells amazing, and has dead sea salts in to soothe aches! I haven't actually tried liz Earle but Emma hardie is 100% the best oil-based cleanser I have used, and I have used Eve Lom, Shu Uemura, REN etc. you must try it xx

  3. I'm going to save up just so i can have a shopping day like that :) I'm desperate to get my hands on some Illamasqua but I hate not having a counter in Ireland to look at the products. X

  4. Yeah that's a shame... You really need to see the products and have a play around with them!! Next time you are over , go nuts!!! It's beautiful makeup and such a great range of colours & textures xx

  5. oooh Im too jealous of this haul xx You have a lovely blog xx I found you on twitter and Im your newest follower xxx Maybe you could check my blog out too if you get the chance xxx


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