Thursday, 29 March 2012

Slimming tea

I was so close to buying the Cho Yung slimming tea at the vitality show last weekend...the offer seemed very reasonable.....but still, for a pack of tea....£30?! If it worked then absolutely, but you......never......quite......know. I also remembered that I had a pack of Caudalie 'slimming' tea that I hadn't opened. So I decided this week I would give it a go.

The Caudalie ones  are called 'Draining Organic herbal Tea slimming aid' so rather than just straight up claims for weight loss, this is just aiding you as you are diet-ing or on a health kick. Any draining of toxins and water will make you lose a little though.

 Key ingredients are a blend of 5 organic plants including cinamon, blueberry, red wine, sweet orange zest & blackcurrant.

 The pack contains 20 teabags so this will last you a few weeks depending on how many you want a day, it doesnt say a limit, but I'm having 1/day. They cost £8.50 delivered from .

The taste is ok. I have never tried a herbal tea that actually tastes nice....sorry but you are lying if you say green tea tastes good. It's defo not a bad taste though and the Caudalie tea can be used as a straight up tea with boiling water or you can put 3 teabags in a large bottle of hot water, leave and you can have it iced throughout the day. I'm going to try this I think.

Who has tried the Cho-Yung or any others for weight loss/drainage?! I want feedback!!

x Laura x 


  1. I have tried Slimatee, it tastes rank and it had unpleasant side effects including really bad stomach pains! Didn't even lose a single lb but my tum did look a bit flatter, like it was less bloated. Would never use them again!! x

    1. Ha yes! Actually I've had slimatee before and it wasn't great, I really don't think any of them are though?! I think it's more about water retention and drainage rather than anything else. Also I know peppermint aids digestion blah blah and that doesn't taste too bad. Xx

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  6. Good thing you still have your tea bags! I’m into some fat burning teas, but I haven’t tried Cho-yung. I’m more of an Oolong tea girl. From what I gather, not only does this kind of tea help you lose weight, but it can also lower the blood sugar levels in your body and improve oral health. So, it is like hitting two birds with one stone. :)


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