Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Botox // Fillers

So some of you may or may not know, I occasionally dabble in Botox & fillers, and have done for a couple of years. I am actually 65 ;). I have recently had a session of both so wanted to share with you the true process and what the results are like....in case you are considering or just interested. 


So first up.. WHY? I have it because I am slightly vain, not afraid of a bit of pain, and was also curious as how it would make me look. To be honest not much different.....my BF doesn't notice if I don't tell him, but I can tell which, I think is important. Plus I don't want it to look obvious. Fillers may last up to a year and Botox has a much shorter effect from 3-6 months.
So when I went to see the consultant I was going in expecting to have one area of Botox and one filler area (nasolabial or laughter lines). I came away with 2 areas of Botox and one area of filler after his advice. Basically, I have very heavy expressions and strong facial muscles so this was just to lightly smooth the lines I get from this, specially across my forehead throughout the day.

Botox is very quick & painless as its injected into the superficial/ top layers of the skin. It took around 5 mins and I had around 7 pin pricks across my forehead. Touch of light bleeding, that's it. Some people do not realise but Botox takes up to a week to fully take effect, you will have no change to the face immediately. It slowly starts to work from around day 2-3 whereas fillers are instantly visible.

This is me frowning...or not

I'm really happy with the results, I can still raise my eyebrows slightly, but frowning is not really on the agenda. My eyebrows have been slightly lifted, which is a great side effect of having botox done. Although it can also go a bit wrong (think of Kylie a few years ago) her brows lifted a little too much so it looked unnatural...she also had too many areas done so her face looked 'frozen'.

My forehead is SO MUCH smoother, which was a bit of a problem area.. I no longer get those horrid wrinkly looking lines as you can see in the before photo. (Below)


The fillers I had were JUVADERM (hyaluronic acid based) and I had them injected into my nasolabial lines which I have always hated and think they make me look like a monkey! Now fillers DO hurt a little bit more than botox, as the needle has to penetrate further into the skin so the gel can be inserted in the right area. Hyaluronic acid is naturally in your body so it's unlikely that it will be rejected, however for both botox and fillers, the side effects can be awful, so do your research and find a reputable person.

Risks/possible side effects of BOTOX:  http://botoxinjectionsguide.com/botox-side-effects/

During the filler process I had 4 injections on either side of my mouth and I have mocked up the areas (photo below) which I had done. Sharp pain, slight uncomfort and a bit of blood.

After the filler process you have to massage the gel out a little bit in the area you had treated as sometimes it can feel lumpy. As I said before the results are instant and below you can see how it plumped me out a bit. (a lot?)

Not for everyone, but hopefully this gives you an small insight into the procedure and results. Oh and this(below) is how I looked immediately after, slight redness and raised areas, but not too awful...you can pretty much carry on as normal. With Botox they say not to lie down for a few hours after....and facials are off the cards for a few days. I also avoided makeup for the rest of day.

Prices from around £200 for Botox and £250 for fillers in reputable surgeries, I would be wary of cheap deals and offers.

x Laura x 


  1. Not something I would do but it's nice to see a post about it from someone who has had it done!
    Don't think anyone should be made to feel ashamed of it - if it makes you happy go for it!

  2. Interesting post! It's definitely something I would consider as I watch my face age before my eyes. xx

  3. Thanks, I've had a lot of people saying it is an interesting post.....it's just the worry of putting it out there, and people think you are trying to get everyone else to do it!!... which I'm not x

  4. I don't think I need botox as I'm lucky not to have a lot of lines and wrinkles, but I have noticed that my nose to mouth lines seem to have gotten a bit more noticeable lately. If I had the spare money I would consider fillers, but I am a major wimp pain wise. x

  5. My sister is ten years older than me and shes been havin botox for a few years it looks totally natural and when I need it I will! My nan is 86 and she wants it done! Seriously! She was actually going to book herself in until my mum pointed out the medication she is on would prob make her bleed to death u couldnt make it up! She paid a fortune last year for some miracle wrinkle potion she heard about and then took it back as... "it doesnt work!" x

  6. Awesome, your face looks great! I have those deep lines round my mouth too, I think it goes hand in hand with having quite a big mouth and teeth. Where did you go, would you recommend it (the place)? xxx

  7. I have both done too, and love it, people laugh at me and don't understand why, but in my opinion, it is what makes you feel better, and you are always more critical of your lines etc that others don't necessarily see!

  8. Thank you so much for posting this so much courage is required to do such things.
    interesting post indeed.

  9. You are right. You have to make sure that you’ll be getting the right treatment for you. Don’t overdo it because you’ll still look more beautiful if your face looks natural and the people around you can see the real emotions you’re trying to convey. ;)

  10. Amazing, isn’t it? How fast and simple these procedures are! The reason why Botox and fillers are often recommended, especially for patients who have very little pain tolerance, is the fact that these are non-surgical and have no down time at all. You look great, by the way, Laura! =D

    Geoffrey Lelia

  11. Botox may be somewhat expensive, but you have to pay some price if you expect great results. It's better than going to clinics that offer huge discounts, but are not reliable. When you're looking for a clinic, remember that it will either give your face a fantastic or an awful result, So you have to be cautious.

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  13. Thanks Laura what a great blog, I also to get Botox and love it,I've got an appointment on the 12th fen to get my nose to mouth lines abolished! Thanks to your blog I feel reassured!


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