Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rodial // Brazilian Tan // Review

I have been wanting to try this out ever since I got it, an now the time is right as I am a bridesmaid this weekend, and I'm not going to be a see-through one. As I haven't used the new formulas from Rodial I gave it a test run, over the weekend to see how they are different. (TIP: NEVER use a fake tan you have never used before a big event, results may be hazardous) 

  Rodial? A skincare range I have used and loved for a few years now and have always used their Brazilian 'dark tan. It used to be a fake tan that really, could only be applied at night as the guide colour could go patchy and a bit streaky....BUT when you showered the next morning you had a beautiful even colour :) so I still used it a lot.

old look formulas


 So the Brazilian tan range has been re-formulated and 'improved' so let's see how it has changed. firstly, the packaging..... Wonderful!! Bright blue & coral... Already feel like I am on my way to Mauritius. Love it and a big thumbs up from me.

The products seem pretty much the same in the line....They have your Brazilian tan DARK, LIGHT & CLEAR (which is like a daily tan), then the AIRBRUSH (which is an aerosol in a can), &  Brazilian Tan for the face.
The tan I am using is the Brazilian tan DARK (standard).


This is a tinted gel, so well give you an instant colour & guideline. I must say, A LOT better than the old formula, as I previously said, they used to go quite streaky when applied. This is a lot lighter in initial colour & blends in quickly and beautifully AND one of the best things, it seemed to dry very quickly. I would say in around 1 min. 

Above, how the Brazilian tan looks, and once blended

Smell has always been a problem with fake tans and Rodial have always addressed this brilliantly... they...smell....like.. CARAMEL! MMmmmmmm.

Next day?

I applied Brazilian Tan 'Dark' on one arm and not the other just to see how the colour developed, and here is how it looked once I had showered the next day:

Above: One arm brazilian tanned, the other with nothing, I don't have to say which one is which I hope..

I was really happy with the colour, it was caramel-toned, non-streaky and reasonably deep. For my optimum colour I would probably apply this twice. I would estimate that one tube = 6-8 full body tans.
What I liked:

- Easier to blend
- Quick dry
- The colour guide is a nice colour (mixed with the fact that is doesnt go streaky, I can use this to tan in the day)
- Still a great smell
- Felt a lot more hydrating (I then inspected the ingredients to see why and it is packed with Shea butter!)
- The colour is caramel (not orange) and develops evenly

What I didn't like:

I won't say I didnt like this as I know exactly why they have done this... The tube packaging *can* be a little messy BUT the old pump formulas meant you couldnt actually get all the product out without taking out the pump and shaking it out manually. So as long as you are careful, the bonuses outweigh the cons on the packaging front.

Value for money?

Priced all at £35 which, ml for ml is actually slightly cheaper than the old line, and I put this down to the packaging. This is what I expect to pay for a premium fake tan.
100% improved formulas from Rodial for their Brazilian Tan Range. Can you please bring out an 'extra-dark' just for me??

x Laura x

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