Friday, 1 June 2012

Diptyque // Fragrance // Philosykos

I have been in love with Diptyque candles since I was about 16....I went and stayed and my friends' house and in the guest bedroom they had this unusual looking white candle, with scattered black letters over the glass in French which I could not, for the life of me, read. (Looking back I think it was probably Fig...sometimes they take a while to read and work out!).

I just remember it smelled so beautiful and years on I have be re-aquainted with the brand.

My three favourite fragrances from Diptyque - Doson, L'Ombre Dans L'Eau & Philosykos

The candles I started using around 5 years ago, and the fragrances, around 3 yrs ago...they are so fresh and beautiful and coming into the summer 'Philosykos' is simply my favourite. I have been wearing this pretty much on a daily basis at the moment.

Created by Olivia Giacobetti and released in 1996, Philosykos is fig with green notes and a woody-earthy base. It smells like summer in a bottle to me.....while the fig note itself is sweet and creamy, the sweetness is balanced by the greener, earthier notes so it is never overwhelming. Also unisex!


It is an Eau de Toilette so lighter in the essential oils content than an EDP but I love this in my summer fragrances... fresh and not overbearing.

Diptyque fragrances are £70 for 100ml and candles start from £20. ALSO, they have recently changed their perfume bottles from the square (in my photos) to this...

I'm not 100% swayed quite yet, but it won't put me off wearing it!

x Laura x

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