Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Shellac Nails // Update

So now I am nearly 3 weeks in on the Shellac nails I had done (original post here) so they are at the end of their shelf-life. However, I can see myself having them on at least another week. (I think) They still look fab.

I've been wearing all sorts of nail varnish colours over the top, then you can just remove as normal (acetone-free remover) and then I still have my lovely French manicure underneath. 

Half-way through removal

How the Shellacs are looking 3 weeks on

I'm loving Shellac and would recommend it to everyone....really good also if you want to grow your nails. When I have them taken off, I should have lovely healthy long nails underneath :) I will upload some photos when I do.

Well worth the money. 

x Laura x 

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