Tuesday, 24 April 2012

NARS // Nail collection Spring Summer // Thakoon

This is NARS's first collaboration with a fashion designer and they chose Thakoon, a thai-american forward-looking designer who has clothed celebs from Kanye to Michelle Obama.

 What a beautiful plethora of colours! Deep fuchsias, canary yellows and powder blues, all with a huge depth of colour and they compliment each other so fantastically I struggled to choose which one to wear first.

The inspiration of this collection was an Indian spice market...which has produced a show-stopping colour palette.

 Colour swatches L-R Kutki, Koliary, amchoor, trouville, ratin jot, anardana The shade I am wearing is KUTKI.

Limited edition and available in Liberty's now.

x Laura x

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Jemma Kidd Makeup Giveaway!

I'm running a makeup giveaway including all these gorgeous products from Jemma Kidd Makeup.

Includes 4 products, worth £80!!

1.) The smokey eye palette which is a beautiful versatile eye, cheek and lip palette. Super wearable shades.

2.) A tinted lip balm SPF15, nude coral in colour

3.) I-Glamour false lashes (inc glue)

4.) The skin perfection kit (multi-use...contains 2 correctors, dewy glow highlighter, lip n cheek colour..full instructions inside).

? How to enter ?

1.) Follow my blog via Google Friend connect

2.) Comment below telling me your favourite.....eyeliner and also leave a contact email.

3.) For an extra entry, follow me on Twitter @LauraLouMakeup and tweet:

'I have entered the @LauraLouMakeup Jemma Kidd makeup £80 giveaway, enter here http://www.lauralouisebeauty.co.uk '

Giveaway closes Thursday 3rd May, open internationally and the winner, as always will be chosen by random.org

x Good Luck x

Manuka Doctor // Bee Venom // Rejuvenating face mask

I was lucky to win this through the I am fabulicious blog a few weeks back... have heard quite a lot about this relatively new brand (mainly through Milly from MIC tweeting about it)..
Manuka Doctor are a skincare brand which use purified BEE VENOM throughout their range of products, which has proven to be both anti-ageing and anti-acne. Their brand ethos is

'Naturally healthy products, inspired by nature & originating form the hive'

The Rejuvanating face mask is a deep penetrating skin renewal treatment, and I definately needed this after the week I have had.

Promotes: Cell Regenaration, Collagen formulation, reduces wrinkles & scars

 Key ingredients: Purified bee venom, Manuka honey (great anti-bacterial properties), Kaolin, Vitamin E, Royal Jelly, Rosehip seed oil, Cocoa butter & Shea butter

Review: My first thoughts were how lovely and rich this mask was, so I was suprised that it had Kaolin (clay) in the ingredients list, but for me this is a good thing, as along with the hydrating & anti-bac properties, it will also deep-cleanse.

It feels basically like a rich moisturiser, so I applied a nice thick layer over my skin, and as the instructions say, I left on for 30 mins (you can leave on anything from 15-30). The mask kind of soaked into my skin over that time, and then I was left with a thin layer of dried mask on my skin, which I cleansed off with warm water and a muslin cloth.

no makeup = shy

I have only used this twice now but it really gives you a lovely boost to the skin, even after one use, my skin just felt more nourished and rested. I like the fact that it is multi-purpose..... hydrating, ant-ageing and deep cleansing. Also it smells edible! Really like this....

Retails for £49.99
For more info on this & other products

x Laura x

Monday, 16 April 2012

Caudalie // Beauty Elixir

I have used this for years, and although it's not a miracle face cream, I have just realised that is probably ones of my longest standing items in my beauty routine. A strong contender for 5 years so maybe it should get a little mention on my blog.

You may or may not know this facial spritz product form French skincare brand Caudalie. It's a bit of a cult beauty secret, used by many makeup artists and celebrities, most famously Victoria Beckham who uses it to set her makeup. Many of my clients during makeup jobs have asked what it is and written it down so they can go and get it themselves.
So what is this beauty elixir? It is inspired by a 'beauty elixir' used by Queen Isaballe of hungary, and it is said to..

'visibly smoothes features, tightens the appearance of pores and provides a burst of radiance to the skin.'

It can be used under moisturiser, like a tonic, it will add light hydration..it can be used over makeup to set it, and also it can be used throuhgtout the day to re-zest your skin and to re-freshen makeup. (the latter is my preferred method)

Ingredients include Grape, orange blossom, rose, organice balm mint & rosemary...it has such an amazing uplifting aroma. It is also one of my hangover staples....it gives your destroyed soul a lovely boost.

Retails for £32 for the 100ml bottle or the small handbag size (30ml) is £11.

x Laura x

Friday, 13 April 2012

FOTD // Smokey Eyes // MAC pigments

I wanted to try out some new mac pigments I purchased recently for my kit....but on myself. I have done a really quick eye look using them. Although it looks heavy, there isn't actually that many products. Can be done easily under 10minutes.

The colours are AURORA (light) & NEBULA (dark) MAC Pigments. Nebula is a kind of dirty grey...and the AURORA one being quite a classic beigey gold wash.
Above: Left = Aurora, Right = Nebula

I used a pale Laura Mercier cream eyeshadow all over my lid as a base. Whilst this was still tacky I applied the AURORA (paler colour) all over my lid so the product really held on and the pigment looked strong. I then used the same brush (SHU UEMURA 8HR - wonderbrush) but flipped round so the more pointy side and used this with the NEBULA (darker) pigment as an eye contour.

I used my beloved Rimmel exaggerate liquid liner in black, quite a lot thicker than usual to get a really solid lash line on the top. Underneath i just used YSL waterproof liner, in waterline and onto lashline. I then smoked it up a bit underneath using the MAC Nebula pigment.

Look achieved mainly with the products above!

Mascara was Rimmel lash accelarator, and then I popped on some of my favourite Shu Uemura lashes on, smokey layers. These ones I had trimmed down previously so they are almost Demi-lashes. I'm going to have to do a post on Shu Uemura lashes soon....I have a slight obsession with them....it will never stop.

A relatively easy look, with minimal products in comparison to how it looks... I think.

x Laura x  

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ombre-At-Home // Part 2

One of my more popular posts was when did an at-home-Ombre around a year ago.... The bleach did damage my already fine hair and I found it hard to wear extensions which would match. I have decided to dye my hair back to all one colour, natural brown and then ombré my hair extensions, rather than my hair! A lot easier and healthier. 

NB: I'm not a pro hairdresser so this is just me doing what I've learnt over the years. Please consult a pro for any specialist needs.

I bought a pack of 'Premium Now' human hair in shade 6, 18 inches which I normally have length wise, but the the colour was slightly lighter. This cost £35, and just comes in a really long weft.

Hey Girlfriend

I then prepped all the products that I was going to need, as seen below. Including Bleach powder & developer, applicator brush, latex gloves, Foil, a plastic bag (thanks Vitality Show) to peform the bleaching process on etc etc.

How to:

1.) Prep everything that you will need so you are nice and organised

2.) Mix the bleach powder and the developer (40% vol I use as brown hair)until it is a creamy paste

3.) Add the paste onto the hair, using a large amount at the bottom, going up around 6 inches but lessening the amount as you go up.

4.) Cover in foil, leave for around 30mins and then rinse out until all product is out, then give the hair a gentle shampoo and condition.

After I dried it with a hairdryer the colour looked like this....

I was happy with the blonde colour at this stage so didn't bother with a toner which normally would be the next step (this gets rid of brassy bleached blonde tones).

I then wanted the tops of the hair to be darker so just used a normal hair dye which I had purchsed earlier from the chemist...

5.) ... and used this the same way as the bleach almost, heavier at the top...then fading out as I went down (again remember to protect your floor/bed/worktop with something, this time I went for the good ol' Saino's bag).

6.) Leave the darker hair dye on for around 15 mins  and repeat the rinsing process of step 4.

The end result looks like this:

So it basically graduates from my hair colour (deep chocolate brown) to the actual hair colour of the original extensions (no.6 light brown) to the bottom which is an ashy deep blonde (where I bleached the ends).

 I'm really pleased with the results, ,and now can try and keep my hair in reasonable condition whilst looking like I'm cool enough to bleach the absolute shit out of it.

Now, I have been making my own extensions for about 10 years, and it's really quick and easy to do. Buy some hair clips from specialist hair shops such as PAKS...usually about 5 for £1, and match the colour of the clip to your hair, they do blonde, black and brown usually. Get some thread and a needle and get sewing them on.
I cut the wefts to different widths to fit my head shape, usually 4 larger ones for the back and then 2 smaller ones for either side of my head.

Easy Peasy

I have tried to take a few shots in different light and angles so you can see the end result.

I hope this is informative! Send me any photos of your Ombre, Salon or at-home!

x Laura x

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Botox // Fillers

So some of you may or may not know, I occasionally dabble in Botox & fillers, and have done for a couple of years. I am actually 65 ;). I have recently had a session of both so wanted to share with you the true process and what the results are like....in case you are considering or just interested. 


So first up.. WHY? I have it because I am slightly vain, not afraid of a bit of pain, and was also curious as how it would make me look. To be honest not much different.....my BF doesn't notice if I don't tell him, but I can tell which, I think is important. Plus I don't want it to look obvious. Fillers may last up to a year and Botox has a much shorter effect from 3-6 months.
So when I went to see the consultant I was going in expecting to have one area of Botox and one filler area (nasolabial or laughter lines). I came away with 2 areas of Botox and one area of filler after his advice. Basically, I have very heavy expressions and strong facial muscles so this was just to lightly smooth the lines I get from this, specially across my forehead throughout the day.

Botox is very quick & painless as its injected into the superficial/ top layers of the skin. It took around 5 mins and I had around 7 pin pricks across my forehead. Touch of light bleeding, that's it. Some people do not realise but Botox takes up to a week to fully take effect, you will have no change to the face immediately. It slowly starts to work from around day 2-3 whereas fillers are instantly visible.

This is me frowning...or not

I'm really happy with the results, I can still raise my eyebrows slightly, but frowning is not really on the agenda. My eyebrows have been slightly lifted, which is a great side effect of having botox done. Although it can also go a bit wrong (think of Kylie a few years ago) her brows lifted a little too much so it looked unnatural...she also had too many areas done so her face looked 'frozen'.

My forehead is SO MUCH smoother, which was a bit of a problem area.. I no longer get those horrid wrinkly looking lines as you can see in the before photo. (Below)


The fillers I had were JUVADERM (hyaluronic acid based) and I had them injected into my nasolabial lines which I have always hated and think they make me look like a monkey! Now fillers DO hurt a little bit more than botox, as the needle has to penetrate further into the skin so the gel can be inserted in the right area. Hyaluronic acid is naturally in your body so it's unlikely that it will be rejected, however for both botox and fillers, the side effects can be awful, so do your research and find a reputable person.

Risks/possible side effects of BOTOX:  http://botoxinjectionsguide.com/botox-side-effects/

During the filler process I had 4 injections on either side of my mouth and I have mocked up the areas (photo below) which I had done. Sharp pain, slight uncomfort and a bit of blood.

After the filler process you have to massage the gel out a little bit in the area you had treated as sometimes it can feel lumpy. As I said before the results are instant and below you can see how it plumped me out a bit. (a lot?)

Not for everyone, but hopefully this gives you an small insight into the procedure and results. Oh and this(below) is how I looked immediately after, slight redness and raised areas, but not too awful...you can pretty much carry on as normal. With Botox they say not to lie down for a few hours after....and facials are off the cards for a few days. I also avoided makeup for the rest of day.

Prices from around £200 for Botox and £250 for fillers in reputable surgeries, I would be wary of cheap deals and offers.

x Laura x 

Friday, 6 April 2012

My Beauty Routine

So this is a little post about all the beauty products I'm using at the mo, on a daily basis. It does change quite a lot though...but this is the flavour of the month.
All about Emma Hardie AM & PM. Big fan of Emma and her lovely products. In the AM I use her foaming cleanser which is lightweight ,smells amazing and is lovely and creamy on the skin.
Skincare AM:
Tonic: Pai Lotus & orange blossom**
Face serum: Dr sebagh serum repair, full of vitamins, hyularonic & anti-oxidant green coffee.
Face cream: PAI Geranium & thistle cream for combination skin.** Feels lovely cooling & lightweight.
Eye cream: none at the moment, they often bring me out in milia.
Lips: Dr Lipp (& throughout the day!)

**PAI skincare is very new to my routine, I'm really enjoying trying it though so will be doing a full review of this after a few more weeks!!
During the day:

I will have a mini Caudalie Beauty elixir spray in my bag which helps give me a moisture boost and also sets/freshens my makeup
Skincare PM:
Cleanse: Emma Hardie Moringa balm & cloth
Night cream: One of my fav new discoveries is Clarks botanicals smoothing marine cream, it has glycolic acid which my skin LOVES and have noticed a lovely radiance to my skin since using this.
I will alternate between these 3 depending on how my skin is feeling.
Kate Somerville Exfoliate: One of the strongest exfoliaters I have tried with both Lactic & Glycolic acids, this is amazing. x2/wk
I also use either Malin & Goetz Detox mask OR Caudalie Vinopure for a deep cleanse once a week.
My skin is feeling really good at the moment, but it does also get used to products very quickly. I'm really keen to try out some more Clark's Botanicals products after using their smoothing Marine cream though!
x Laura x

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hello Sexy.... Mamechiyo for Shu Uemura.

If you are a frequent reader of my blog you will know that I absolutely LOVE the Shu Uemura UV underbase primer. It's my favourite primer for my skin and I often use it on makeup jobs. It' a unique weightless mousse-formula, with a SPF30 UVA/UVB protection and contains Depsea water (in all Shu's water-based products) so is a great anti-inflammatory and super cooling on summer skin.

Great on all skin types, and I have found ESPECIALLY on oily/open-pores (me) as it reduces the shine really well and it refines pore-size instantly. I often wear it on it's own, as it has a slight tint that reduces redness, and lightly evens out the skintone. Retails for £29.

L-R The original UV base & 2 of the 4 limited edition Mamechiyo ones, my favourite is the yellow one!

Shu Uemura has a tradition of combining Art & Beauty and often introduce limited edition bottles & collections when they collaborate with an artist. This is the latest by supremo Mamechiyo, a contemporary Kimono designer.  Get them when you can, as they will sell out super fast. Out this week!

x Laura x
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